Disputing Parking Tickets in Buffalo, NY

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The best way to dispute a parking ticket in Buffalo, NY

A small percentage of parking infractions are ever challenged. For this reason, plenty of invalid parking tickets get paid and money is wasted. The hard appeal process sways most people to just pay for citations and try to forget about them. DoNotPay is the service that will help you complete the once tiresome process in under two minutes on your phone or computer, for free.

Paying for invalid parking tickets is a thing of the past

Finally, there’s an easy way to challenge annoying parking infractions, using DoNotPay. Money.com, one of the world's most popular self-finance portals, reported on the DoNotPay app and gave it high praise for its efficiency. Started in 2015, within less than two years, the app was victorious in overturning 160,000 of the 250,000 citations it challenged. Now, the app saves people millions of dollars from infractions in all U.S. cities, including Buffalo, NY.

Watch how to dispute parking citations in any city


Beating a citation in Buffalo city in under 120 seconds

cbs describes how donotpay can help people save millions on parking citations

People who’ve had experience with disputing parking tickets “the old-fashioned way” will tell you how much of a hassle it can be. DoNotPay was created to make this process easy to do for everyone. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Hop on over to the DoNotPay through your browser
  2. Snap a picture of your parking ticket, make sure it’s readable, and upload it to DoNotPay
  3. A chat will pop up, asking you simple questions that will help the app assess the situation
  4. DoNotPay will then curate a professional dispute adjusted for your situation and location

Pay vs Dispute?

BBC on DoNotPay's app to appeal parking tickets

Most convenient methodCostPotential outcome
PayOnlineFull ticket amount at leastPaying an invalid parking ticket
DisputeDoNotPayNothing with DoNotPayReduction or removal of fine

Is disputing parking tickets in Buffalo worth the effort?

NPR covering DoNotPay's app to contest parking tickets

We understand where this concern comes from. Previously, contesting a parking citation could take you a days’ worth of work, something most people couldn’t afford. DoNotPay has cut that process down so much, that it would be silly not to send an appeal, even if you knowingly broke a rule. The app’s success in appealing tickets has taught us that, just by challenging infractions, people gain a valuable chance of having them either reduced or discarded completely.

Buffalo city parking ticket disputes are only accepted through the mail. Tickets will have a "Not Guilty" checkbox. Mark it and send the letter to Room 111 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202. Make sure to include your information like name and address and any additional evidence that supports your claim. After your appeal is reviewed, you may be summoned to present your case at the city’s Parking Violations Bureau.

I don’t have much time to focus on this, how much faster is DoNotPay?

Time constraints are the most often excuse people give themselves to justify not fighting a citation. With DoNotPay, all excuses are thrown out the window, as the app turned a previously long and tiresome procedure into a few clicks on your computer or phone. You no longer have to do the necessary research manually or pay for a lawyer’s assistance, and then submit your case. Just chat with the app and you’ll be done in a few minutes.

What can happen if I don’t pay for my parking infraction?

Ignoring parking tickets is never a good idea. The best thing you can do about infractions is to challenge them, like with DoNotPay. There are plenty of urban myths of tickets going away over time or not being high enough on the governments’ priority list to do something about them. The reality has hit plenty of people in the face, once they encountered one of the following situations:

  • The amount steadily increasing over time, adding more and more fees and debt, until it catches up to you
  • Your vehicle could get locked in place or towed away, resulting in you having to pay for the ticket and redeeming penalties
  • The amount will be handed to a collections agency, who will try to extract it from you
  • DMV could suspend your current registration or reject any future registrations
  • The state will SELL your seized car at an auction to cover the necessary fees

People have also reported having tickets forcefully paid through tax, impact on their credit score, and other parking services rejected.

Can I challenge privately issued tickets with DoNotPay?

Absolutely, DoNotPay will dispute both government and private issued parking tickets in all US cities. The app creates appeal letters addressed to all private parking companies daily. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Diamond Loft
  • Douglas Parking
  • Impark (Imperial Parking)
  • ABM Parking Services
  • Ace Parking
  • SP+ (Standard Parking)
  • Laz Parking
  • Lanier Parking
  • Towne Park

Will parking tickets go on my drivers’ record?

Rest assured that no matter how many parking tickets you have, and how high the fees, they will never directly impact your driving record. Driving records only counts your offenses made while the vehicle was in motion. The DMV also has no direct look into your parking ticket history. However, this is all assuming you take care of your tickets on time, either by successfully disputing or paying for them. If you leave them unattended for too long, the DMV may be forced to suspend your registration until the debt is paid. If this ends up being the case, the violation will follow you.

Can my vehicle insurance go up if I don’t pay parking citations?

The same rules that hold true for ticket impact on your driving record apply to car insurance. According to the Esurance FAQ section, insurance customers will not see an increase in premium rates, as long as they take care of parking citations in time. Like the DMV, insurance companies do not have an overview of your parking ticket history. Insurance risk is calculated by several factors, such as:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • History of accidents and repairs
  • The drivers’ age and experience
  • Drivers record overview, previous violations

While parking tickets will not directly impact your insurance, if they lead to the DMV intervening, this will be noted and your premium might go up as a result.

Do I need to pay for parking infractions received out of my home state?

If the answer to this question was “No”, would parking companies bother with cars clearly registered in other states? Some people argue that they’re issuing tickets routinely or trying to scare you into wasting money, but that’s not the case. Parking tickets will follow you around from one state to another, even if they may be harder to enforce. You don’t have to worry though, because DoNotPay will help you dispute them remotely, regardless of your home state.

Can I get a citation if I’m sitting in my car?

This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s better to be prepared. Yes, you can get a parking ticket even if you’re currently occupying the vehicle. According to New York state law, section 1200, Basic rules of Vehicle & Traffic (VAT), a car is considered parked whether occupied or not, and every rule regarding parking regulation will apply to it, even if the driver is inside. The only exception to the rule is temporarily stopping for active engagement in loading or unloading of passengers or goods. To put it in simple terms:

  • Yes, you may make a stop to pick up someone or something
  • No, you may not stop to wait for someone or something

I got a parking ticket for a rental car, do I have to pay for it?

If you receive a parking ticket on a car you rented out, you may notice it’s not addressed to you. It will be directed at the rental company, which may prompt you to ignore it. You may not be legally responsible to pay the citation to the parking company or state, but the fee will make its way back to you.

Rental companies know how to handle these situations. Under every “terms and conditions” form you sign when renting a car, you can be sure there’s a section covering all forms of violations and costs. For example, Budget Car Rental, a common rental company in Buffalo and New York state, covers this under section 17 of their rental terms. Here’s a quick summary of how that works:

  • By signing, you agree to pay all fines received while you’re using the car
  • You agree that Budget Car Rental can pay on your behalf and demand compensation
  • The company will charge you an additional $50 fee for every violation they cover for you
  • If you refuse to pay, the company can use your payment information to charge you for the ticket without the need of your consent

How much money does Buffalo City make from parking citations?

According to the city’s official financial report for the year 2018-2019, the total revenue of the Parking Violations Bureau was an enormous $11,558,860. After taking care of any expenses, the netted total was $10,303,876. The city’s average over the past 3 years was over 10 million:


Do I need a lawyer to take on my case?

Parking citations are easily disputable on your own. We get that people may not be familiar with the law and would rather have a professional look over their situation, but that’s exactly what DoNotPay was designed to do. Our chatbot is arguably more reliable, with its information coming directly from the source, leaving no margins for human error. You can do everything yourself with DoNotPay in a fraction of the time it takes to hire a lawyer.

How much does a lawyer cost in Buffalo, NY?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average lawyer in Buffalo city will charge you $35 per hour. That’s a pretty high rate to dispute an average parking ticket fee. Most traffic lawyers will offer a fixed price to create a parking ticket dispute, but why waste money on something you can do for FREE using DoNotPay.

How can I pay for my parking ticket in Buffalo city?

Assuming you’ve already contested your ticket with DoNotPay and got a negative result, the only thing left to do is pay it. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Official Online Link - Note that the city charges a 2.25% convenience fee
  2. By mail - Send a check or money order (do not mail cash) along with your parking ticket, payable to Parking Violations Bureau, Parking Violations, P.O. Box 20, Buffalo, NY 14240-0020
  3. In person - The address is 65 Niagara Square, Room 11, Buffalo, NY 14202, working hours are Mon. - Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  4. Via phone call - dial 716-851-5182, working hours are Mon. to Fri. 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

DoNotPay helps users fight and beat tickets in any city

DoNotPay helps users fight parking tickets in every city in the US and UK. Here are a few cities we've helped users dispute the most tickets in:

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The Solution To Your Driving Woes

DoNotPay provides invaluable help to future and current drivers. By helping you ace that driver’s license test, scheduling a DMV appointment the easy way, or contesting parking tickets, our app saves you money and time.

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To summarize

How to beat parking tickets in Buffalo, NYUsing DoNotPay will save you money in the long run
Only a small percentage of tickets gets challengedPlenty of easily disputable tickets get paid in full
The appeal process used to be long and hardDoNotPay has drastically reduced the process
You used to have to do everything manuallyNow you only need a few minutes on your phone or computer
DoNotPay is fast and freeThe app has turned over millions of dollars in tickets
You don’t have to know the laws yourselfDoNotPay can dispute parking tickets everywhere in the U.S.
Appealing tickets used to be time-consumingThe app will do everything in two minutes or less
Paying the ticket is “giving up easy”DoNotPay will do everything with simple to follow steps
The best method to pay tickets is onlineThe best method to dispute them is DoNotPay
You run the risk of paying invalid parking ticketsWith DoNotPay, you have a chance of your fine being reduced or dropped
Contesting tickets was too much effort for some peopleThe DoNotPay app is very user-friendly
Parking tickets in Buffalo are only disputable by mailDoNotPay will gather the necessary evidence for you
Tick the “Not Guilty” box before sending your ticket for reviewIf your ticket appeal needs further looking into, you’ll be summoned to the parking bureau
Time constraints stop people from contesting ticketsThe app will take a few minutes of your time away maximum
You don’t have to research and write anything manuallyUse the app through your computer or phone and let it do the hard work
Never ignore parking ticketsParking tickets will not be forgiven without a proper appeal
Tickets don't go away over timeThe fee will increase if it’s not dealt with
Your vehicle can be booted or towedYou’ll have to pay all the charges to get it back
Collections agencies may get involvedThe DMV might have to intervene
DoNotPay will fight both government and private company ticketsThe app works on every parking service in the country
Parking tickets don’t go on drivers’ recordsThe DMV has no overview of your parking tickets if they’re handled on time
Unpaid parking tickets may get your registration suspendedThis will appear on your record, but the reason won’t be stated
Insurance companies are not aware of your parking violations, only traffic violationsIf you let your ticket lead to suspensions of your registration, your insurance premium may take a hit
You are responsible for parking tickets received out of stateOut of state tickets may be harder to enforce, but they can also be harder to take care of if not addressed quickly
Sitting in the car while it’s parked does not mean you’re immune to tickets, a car is parked whether occupied or notOnly active loading or unloading of passengers or goods is allowed when breaking parking rules
You can make a quick stop to pick up someone or somethingYou can not stand still and wait for someone or something in no park zones
You are responsible for coverage of tickets received on a rental carIf you do not pay them in time, the rental company will cover tickets for you and charge you later
Your payment information given to the rental company will be used to extract the money without your consentYou will be charged an additional fee for each ticket, based on which rental company was used
Buffalo City makes lots of money from parkingAn average of over $10 million was accumulated each year, for the past 3 years
You do not need a lawyer to dispute a citationDoNotPay will do everything a lawyer does, but faster
The DNP chatbot lawyer is the future of handling small legal casesDo-it-yourself legal disputing will become increasingly popular as AI develops
The average lawyer in Buffalo costs $35 per hourDoNotPay is completely free to use and does the same job
There are four official methods to pay for tickets in BuffaloOnline, By Mail, In Person and Via Phone
DoNotPay is developing and expanding its expertiseLearn more about each option at the https://donotpay.com/learn

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