How To Get a Bless Online Steam Refund

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Everything You Need To Know About Bless Online Steam Refund

Bless Online was a fantasy RPG game created in 2018 by popular Korean game publisher Neowiz Games. Despite high expectations, this game was met with harsh criticism and gained the title of the most refunded game since No Man's Sky, as Redditors say, in just a few days from the release date.

Countless bugs and server problems took their toll and flared up dissatisfaction among most gamers that had the chance to try the game out. This resulted in a permanent shut down, as the publisher removed the servers from the Steam platform.

In case you’re among the people who got disappointed with the purchase of this game via Steam but didn’t get a chance to receive your funds back, you can use our guide for a hassle-free refund request.

A Guide Through Steam’s General Refund Policy

Steam is known for its flexible refund policy since it issues refunds even in situations when most other companies would refuse to do so. The only rule that has to be taken into account is the prescribed deadline for initiating this procedure. If you aren’t satisfied with the game for any reason, you have the right to submit a request no later than 14 days after purchase. Although Steam’s rules say you need to play the game for less than two hours to become eligible for this, the company will consider your case even if this requirement isn’t met.

Even though the publisher primarily announced that a refund for this particular game wouldn’t be possible, this has changed. After the fiasco occurred and the game went down, there were many cases where gamers managed to get their money back for the sake of inconvenience.

How To Request a Bless Online Refund via DoNotPay

The solution that will take you only a minute or two and give you the best result is using DoNotPay as an intermediary between you and Steam. Our system relies on implementing artificial intelligence into processes that can be stressful or tiring for you. This also makes it much easier to claim refunds from other digital platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, or GOG.

Here’s the procedure you need to follow:

  1. Access DoNotPay via your
  2. Find File a Chargeback and click on Get Protected
  3. Confirm the information related to the transaction in question
  4. Add your signature
  5. Select Sign and Submit

What happens next is that our app forwards the request you made directly to your bank, providing you with certain Visa and Mastercard codes, as requested by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Following this procedure, there will be no need for awkward correspondence with the platform or the publisher.

How To Ask for a Bless Refund on Your Own

Two more channels that you can use to request your money back are the Steam help center and Neowiz Games contact center.

Can You Request a Refund Via








Steam Website

Publisher’s Contact Center


How To Request a Refund via Steam Website

Steam has a special form for this purpose, but only in case the game is still on the list of your purchases. Here’s the procedure you need to follow if it is:

  1. Log in to your Steam account and go to the Steam support page
  2. Find the A purchase section
  3. Select Bless Online purchase
  4. Choose one of the options—I purchased this by accident or Gameplay or technical issue—depending on what problem you have
  5. Select I’d like to request a refund
  6. Choose the way in which you want your money to be returned—the original payment method or Steam Wallet credits
  7. Write a message explaining the reason if needed
  8. Click on Submit request

Once the confirmation email reaches you, you will know that your form was received and forwarded to the right department.

In case the game doesn’t appear on the list of your purchases anymore, you can try to contact the publishing company and ask them if they would refund Bless Online.

How To Request a Refund via Neowiz Contact Center

  1. Visit the Neowiz official website and choose the Contact option
  2. Click on the email address under the Contact section
  3. Write an email and explain the issue and the reason for requesting a refund

Another way to contact them is by calling +82 31 8023 6600. Bear in mind that this is a Korean-based corporation and that it might be difficult to reach them by calling from the USA.

How Long Will I Need To Wait To Receive My Refund?

Steam's policy guarantees that the company will refund you within seven days from the moment they approve your request. Apart from being able to send the money back to the original means of payment, they can also convert the money to Steam Wallet funds in case you prefer it that way. The same can be done in case your primary payment method is unavailable.

In case you contact Neowiz Games directly and open a dispute with them, this period will depend on their efficiency and on whether they’re eager to take your request into consideration.

The Game Publisher Doesn’t Reply to My Request—What’s the Next Step?

Apart from sending a dispute letter in your stead and contacting the company, there’s another task DoNotPay can complete to increase your chances of achieving your goal. It will help you send demand letters to the company in small claims court in case you don’t manage to reach a positive outcome. DoNotPay is going to help you collect all the documentation you need to present in court, which will strengthen your case.

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