Contesting Parking Tickets in Baltimore City, MD

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The easiest way to dispute a parking ticket in Baltimore (for free)

Fact: most tickets don’t get disputed because the time it takes to do so is not worth the effort for most people, until now. Most people don’t know that just by disputing a ticket you gain a chance of it being reduced, even if it’s valid. With DoNotPay, the process that could have taken up your entire day can now be achieved in a few minutes. Many new sources, like The Telegraph, have already reported on the success of the DoNotPay app, having overturned over 160,000 citations back when it was only covering 2 cities. Today, DoNotPay allows you to dispute any parking ticket in any city, including Baltimore.

Check out how you can dispute parking tickets in any city:

How to dispute a citation in five simple steps

Now everyone can contest their parking citation straight from their phone, here’s how:

  1. Use DoNotPay in
  2. Photograph the ticket, upload the photo to the app
  3. Answer some basic, 1-word answer questions so the DoNotPay can understand your situation. No need to write some extensive letters or explanations
  4. The app will create a custom dispute letter for you to send, in accordance with local law from the area you were located in when you received the ticket
  5. Within 7 to 14 business days, you will get a response to your appeal

Can I just ignore the ticket and let it slide?

You can, but it won’t slide. People who’ve done this have spent months/years believing no one would pursue them for “just a parking ticket”. You don’t want to wake up to a court summons one day for thousands of dollars in fines for something that might’ve been less than $100, or potentially $0 if you used DoNotPay. Here are just some of the risks involved with ignoring a citation:

  • Your car stays on record and gets toes the moment a parking officer recognizes it again
  • You get reported to the DMV and they reject your registration renewal until the fee is covered in full, meaning you won’t have a registered car to drive
  • Additional fees will follow, like penalties for ignoring warnings and interest will stack up over time, eventually, the city may bring you to court and force you to pay everything on top of court fees

Is it worth contesting a parking citation in Baltimore?

The answer is always yes, regardless of the city, especially when DoNotPay can help you do it with minimal effort. The app was created exactly for the purpose of simplifying the intentionally inconvenient process. Just remember that, although in other cities just disputing a parking ticket often leads to it being reduced at least, this isn’t the case for Baltimore. Under Article 31, Section 36-1 of the Baltimore City Code, no administrative authority has the power to lower a fine.

How much time will DoNotPay really save me, opposed to doing everything myself?

Short answer - a lot. Seriously, the amount of time it would take to do it manually depends from person to person, but consider what you need to do:

  • Find a time when you can sit down and prepare your case
  • Research until you know how and what you’re disputing
  • Gather evidence and create a timeline of events explaining your situation
  • Waste your free time thinking up and writing your dispute letter

For some people, this may take a few hours, for some maybe a few days depending on their schedule. For DoNotPay users the answer is always a few minutes, regardless of who they are.

Plus, while the DYI method might require you to write down, print, photocopy, etc., the app will generate everything for you for FREE.

If I’m not moving but I’m in the car, can I get a ticket?

You will get a ticket even if you’re occupying the car. According to US definitions, a car that is stopped for any reason other than active loading or unloading of goods and/or passengers is considered parked, regardless if there’s someone in the driver’s seat. This means that even if you’re in the car as the parking rule is being broken, a fine will be issued.

Do I have to pay for tickets issued for a car I’m renting?

Yes. Even though the ticket will officially be issued to the rental company, they’ve protected themselves with the agreement you sign when you receive the car. The agreement usually states that, if the rental company receives a ticket for one of their vehicles, they can use their known billing information of the customer to charge for the citation. In the case that they can not do so for whatever reason, they can forward the amount to collection officers, which will add additional convenience fees over time. Find out more at

How to pay for a parking ticket in Baltimore?

There are four ways you can pay the infraction:

  • By mail - send a check to the City of Baltimore, Attn: Parking Fines, P.O. Box 13327, Baltimore, MD 21203-3327
  • Through phone - by calling the city's payment processing service ACI Worldwide at 1-877-729-6269, and giving them the amount due, your account number, and credit card information
  • In-person - Go to Abel Wolman Municipal Building, the address is 200 Holliday Street Baltimore, MD 21202. Their working hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Note that for every credit card transaction, the city adds an additional fee, refer to the following table:

Fine$1 - $100$100.01 - $300$300.01 - $500$500.01 - $2500$2500.01 - $7500

I’m not from Baltimore, but I received a ticket while I was parked there, do I still have to pay it?

Always. If it were that easy to avoid it, they wouldn’t be issued. A parking ticket has the same weight on you, regardless of where you live and where it was issued. There are instances where the specific state will not pursue you for it, but you can rest assured it’s on record somewhere. Additional debt in accordance with that state will accumulate over time as well.

Do I need representation to move forward with the dispute?

No, a lawyer will not be required to do this. Considering that arranging for a lawyer to write a dispute for you will cost you money, you might as well just pay the ticket and be done with it.

How much would I pay a lawyer in Baltimore?

Anywhere from $100 to $1000 dollars, depending on the amount on the ticket and violations made. Paying a lawyer for this is burning away money, DoNotPay can do everything for free.

Will parking tickets go on my personal record

You’ll be happy to learn that no, they don’t possess that kind of influence. Regardless of how many parking violations you make and how much money you owe for them, they won’t go on your criminal record or add points to your driver’s license. However, here’s just some of the many surprises you may encounter if you chose to ignore a ticket:

  • Temporary suspension of car registration
  • Rejection upon renewal or new car registration
  • Car rental companies refusing to assist you
  • Rejection of driver’s license renewal

How much does the City of Baltimore earn from parking citations?

According to a report by Top View NYC, the city of Baltimore collects the most revenue per capita from parking tickets in the U.S. Averaging at $100.87 per capita. The total adds up to over $60 million dollars each year.

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