How to File Complaints Against Aldi and Get Compensated

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How to File Complaints Against Aldi and Get Compensated

Aldi is a great place to buy unique food or home items at affordable prices. Even though Aldi is a beloved company worldwide, still exist. Big companies still make mistakes, but you can hold them accountable by filing complaints. We understand that filing complaints can be intimidating. It's insulting to be wronged by a company only to have your complaint ignored or get an unsatisfactory solution. No matter how big or small your complaint might be, DoNotPay will help you get it addressed.

Ways to File Complaints About Aldi

The best way to get your complaints addressed is to contact the company through these methods:

How to Reach Aldi Customer Support

Telephone:0800 042 0800
Online:Contact Us
Social Media:Facebook and Twitter
FAQs and various other resources:Customer Services

Aldi's customer service hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sundays (and Bank Holidays): 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Aldi says that the company is currently experiencing a higher number of complaints than usual. If your problem isn’t solved within a few weeks, you might have to seek alternative solutions.

What Kind of Complaints Can You File Against Aldi?

Aldi typically gets complaints about:

In-Store Shopping Experience Issues

If you were treated rudely by a sales associate, the company should know about it.

You should also file complaints about:

  • Limited availability of items
  • Stores that aren't up to cleanliness or safety standards
  • Lack of shopping baskets or trolleys available

Problems With Online Orders

Aldi accepts complaints if you experience any problems during the ordering or returning of orders made online. Any delivered online orders that are incomplete (or weren't delivered at all) can also be reported. You also need your email address and order number to file online complaints.

Product Concerns

If a product was expired or didn't meet your standards, you should be able to return it for a full refund or exchange it. Be sure to have the product's Best By date, barcode, and batch number ready when you submit your complaint.

Any Other Issues

If your problem is related to something else, you can still file a complaint against Aldi. However, depending on the nature of your problem, the company might not have a set solution in place. Your complaint could be passed through multiple departments before getting a clear resolution.

What if Aldi Can't (Or Won't) Solve My Problem?

If you're unsatisfied with the response from Aldi's customer service department, you can pursue an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider. ADR companies provide mediators to help consumers and companies reach a mutual agreement over a dispute. You can either contact an ADR by post or file your complaint online.

Here is the ADR address provided by Aldi:

12-14 Walker Avenue

Stratford Office Village

Wolverton Mill

Milton Keynes

MK12 5TW

If it's easier to submit your complaint online, you can do that on the Retail ADR page. Complete each step of the form to the best of your ability to receive swift action.

After filing your complaint, here's how the ADR process usually goes:

  1. Your complaint will be reviewed for ADR compliance within two days of submission.
  2. Approved cases will immediately be submitted to the company in question. The company has 28 days to formulate a response to your complaint.
  3. If the company agrees with your complaint, it must provide a solution within 28 days. If it disagrees, you can submit any supporting evidence for your complaint within a week.
  4. An Adjudicator will review the complaint file and determine within 90 days. The Adjudicator can extend this period if a case proves too complex.
  5. If you find the solution is acceptable, you should accept the final decision within a week.

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