How to File Complaints Against Addison Lee and Get Compensated

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How to File Complaints Against Addison Lee and Get Compensated

Addison Lee grew from its beginnings in 1975 to the largest business-class same-day courier, private car hiring, and taxi service today in the UK. The company provides car services globally in more than 600 cities. After acquiring several competitors in 2021, the company now runs a fleet of about 7,000 vehicles. The company also plans to run solely electric cars starting in 2023.

With such a large-scale business, there are bound to be issues regarding the services they provide. Two of the most common are:

  1. Difficulty reserving cars
  2. Drivers often show up late for appointments, making customers late for meetings

As with many service-oriented companies, customers may find it difficult to reach the company's customer service line. Unanswered phone calls added to the propensity for drivers to show up late makes the ability to reach the company a critical complaint. Never fear! DoNotPay is the solution. This innovative, web-based platform is easy to use. It is also more convenient because it is available to you 24/7/365.

How to Make a Complaint to Addison Lee?

Consumers have several methods to use to , as shown below:

Ways to Contact Addison Lee Customer Support
OnlineAddison Lee’s website
EmailSend an Email
Phone Number+44 (0)207 387 8888
In-Person35-37 William Rd, London, Greater London,

NW1 3ER, United Kingdom


Consumers may also check the FAQs section to find answers to typical questions.

DoNotPay Can Get Refunds for You in an Instant!

Addison Lee has memberships available through subscriptions to ClubLee. You may find information concerning ClubLee on the company's website, including the member's right to terminate membership as well as the company's right to terminate accounts. DoNotPay has a product called Cancel Any Service or Subscription that helps you cancel your Addison Lee subscription easily and faster than researching and going through the company's cancellation protocol. DoNotPay can ask for refunds in an instant! The platform guides you through an easy set of questions to cancel your subscription—either immediately or at a date of your choice in the future.

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Addison Lee

If using Addison Lee's complaint process does not give you a satisfactory response or if you want to complain to someone else, you have options.

  1. In the UK, you may find the article entitled How to Use an Ombudsman in the UK helpful.
  2. The motorbudsman is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that assists consumers in resolving issues between the consumer and vehicle rental and leasing companies
  3. The UK government provides publications explaining ADR procedures.
  4. Small Claims Court offers an additional method to hold businesses accountable to consumers. The Small Claims Court in England and Wales has a maximum threshold on claims of £10,000.
  5. A helpful source of information on when and how you can complain to a company to preserve your consumer rights in the UK is the article entitled "How to Complain to a Company.

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