How to Renew Adams County, Colorado Vehicle Registration Online

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How to Renew a Vehicle Registration in Adams County, CO

In Adams County, Colorado, motor vehicle registration renewal is a responsibility and not an option, just like in any other state in the USA. Besides the penalties and fines, late or failure to renew your vehicle registration might get you flagged down or bar you from selling your vehicle. The DMV office is often busy and has a long waiting line. Renewing your vehicle registration online might also take longer due to unclear instructions and slow systems.

DoNotPay gives you all the information and makes the renewal process simpler, faster, and more convenient through the Renew Car Registrations product.

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Adams County, CO

Motor Vehicle offices are open for walk-in customers, but there are other options to renew your car registration. Here are the options available to complete your vehicle registration renewal process:

1. Online Services

You can renew your car registration online if the license expires within a month, and you do not have a hold on your vehicle. Provide the following details for a successful renewal:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Verification Code
  • Current vehicle emissions
  • Current Colorado Insurance
  • Proof of payment

Log onto the Colorado department of revenue, division of motor vehicles' website, and access the car registration form. Input all the required information and follow the prompts until you are done with the process.

2. Renewal Kiosks

Colorado's new Self-Service Renewal Kiosk allows you to renew your car registration faster, the process takes up to 2 minutes, and you can print your registration document and license plate decals immediately.

However, you need to meet the following requirements to renew your vehicle registration through the kiosks successfully:

  • Your vehicle(s) must be registered in Adams County
  • A valid passing Vehicle Emissions Inspection on file, where applicable
  • A renewal notice with a valid address
  • Proof of liability insurance on file with the State of Colorado Insurance database

The self-service renewal kiosk in Adams County is located at

Westminster Motor Vehicle Office, 8452 Federal Blvd, Westminster

Note: if your grace period for your renewal has ended, you'll have to visit any of the six Motor Vehicle locations in Adams County for the process.

3. Transactions by Mail

There are a couple of requirements you need to meet for a successful vehicle registration renewal by mail, including:

  • Must be a resident of Adams County
  • A renewal notice or proof of payment indicating the vehicle by Plate or VIN
  • Proof of passing Emissions Test where applicable
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Signed check or money order payable to the Adams County Clerk

Mail all the requirements to the following address:

Adams County Motor Vehicles

P.O. Box 5011

Brighton, CO 80601-8215

4. Phone Transactions

Ensure you have all the details ready before making a call to renew your vehicle registration. The details include proof of insurance and payment, vehicle registration number, and proof of emission test.

Call 720.523.6010 and speak to a clerk who will walk you through the process once you have everything ready. If the clerk asks you to provide tangible documents, send them to

The Cost of Renewing Your Car Registration in Adams County, Colorado

The cost of renewing a vehicle registration in Adams County, Colorado, depends on the type of vehicle, the year, weight, taxable value, and month of registration. The Colorado division of motor vehicles does not provide you with the exact amount you need to pay for your vehicle registration on the website; instead, there is a general formula to calculate the ownership tax portion of your fees.

Here is the formula:

  • Light truck

75% of MSRP (sticker price)

  • Passenger vehicle

85% of MSRP (sticker price)

The table below shows the percentage tax value payable depending on the age of the car:

Year of serviceTax value
First year2.1% of tax value
Second year1.5% of tax value
Third year1.2% of tax value
Fourth year0.9% of tax value
Fifth - ninth year0.45% of tax value
10th year and aboveMinimum of $3 per year

Note: the fees might differ if you moved to Adams County from another Colorado county. You can get the correct fees by calling the Adams County clerk's office at 720.523.6010.

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