Disputing Transactions 101: Wisely by ADP Accounts

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The Easy Way To Dispute Transactions with Wisely

Wisely is a "software as a solution" platform with a suite of personalized payment systems intended to give consumers faster and more flexible access to their paychecks and income. Wisley was developed to be a "safe and easy" way to manage your money in a digital world...but what if something happens?

With the rise of online shopping and eCommerce, we've seen a correlating increase in scams and fraudulent/questionable charges. If you notice unauthorized transactions on your Wisely account, it can take several days and you may be subject to additional fees when disputing transactions through the traditional member services pathways.

What is Wisely by ADP?

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. or ADP is a human resources management software company that has partnered with Wisely to create more efficient payroll processing systems. T he goal is to give employees flexibility and the freedom to manage, spend, or save money outside of the traditional banking system.

The Wisely by ADP suite includes:

  1. Wisely Pay: A system where employees can choose to opt into a payment card program provided by their employer.
  2. Wisely Direct: A system where employees can choose to opt into a reloadable card program provided directly to consumers by ADP.
  3. MyWisely: The companion mobile app for both Wisely Pay and Wisely Direct cardholders.

What Types of Charges are Reported in Your Wisely Transaction History?

When managing your wisely account balance, it is important to know what kind of charges are normal so that you can more easily recognize fraudulent charges and begin the dispute process promptly.

Pending TransactionsMoney that has been set aside for purchases made with your card, but has not yet been collected by the merchant.
Pre-Authorization HoldsSome businesses (hotels, restaurants, car rentals, gas stations, etc.) require pre-authorization funds in order to process payments. This means that there may be a temporary hold on money from your card balance that would be greater than the actual purchase amount

How to Dispute a Wisely Transaction By Yourself

Wisely Pay and Direct cards can be used to make in-store and online purchases similarly to any other debit or credit card. Additionally, it can be used for recurring payments or to access cash at any ATM or participating banks. With so much freedom, there is a proportional amount of risk.

Luckily, your Wisely balance is FDIC insured and you are not liable for unauthorized purchases. If you need to dispute a transaction yourself, your only option is to contact Wisely member services at 1-866-313-6901.

How Long Does a Wisely Transaction Dispute Take To Resolve?

Member services are available 24/7 to review transaction history and provide support, but it may take several days to resolve a dispute. It is recommended that customers provide all relevant details when submitting a claim to help speed up the process.

Will You Still Have Access to Funds While a Transaction Dispute is Being Processed?

The Wisely member services team will do everything possible to expedite resolution and funds will not be "frozen" while disputes are being investigated. However, having a new card issued is recommended to avoid any additional fraudulent charges. With this in mind, it is important to note that your current card will be deactivated when a new card is issued and it may take up to 10 business days to receive a new card.

Dispute a Charge the Easy Way with DoNotPay

Like any account, funds managed in Wisely are subject to fraud. Unfortunately, if you're not able or willing to pay for additional protection services, going through Wisely member services can be a slow and arduous process. DoNotPay is here to help!

This is why DoNotPay makes the process quick and easy when it comes to Here is how you can request a chargeback with little hassle through DoNotPay.

  1. The first step is to create your account on DoNotPay's website using your
  2. Once you log in, you will immediately choose Chargeback from the homepage.
  3. Then, provide DoNotPay with details pertaining to your bank's information.
  4. Specify the merchant and provide additional information about the transaction you want to dispute.
  5. Conclude your request by answering several questions for identity confirmation.

DoNotPay is able to draft the letter with the appropriate language and send it to the right people to handle your credit card dispute quickly and efficiently. Using DoNotPay to solve your credit card dispute is a quick and simple way to resolve the issue and get your money back.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Helping consumers dispute charges is just one of many services offered by DoNotPay. Originally built to help people fight parking tickets, DoNoPay has since expanded to offer consumers a wide catalog of products designed to make life easier. You can also use the DoNotPay platform to use virtual credit cards to mask your account information or to receive a refund for a plane ticket.

There 's no reason to be intimidated by big business! With DoNotPay's 'File a Chargeback' product, you can also dispute a transaction from any of these companies:

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