Get the UWorld 90 Day Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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Get the UWorld 90 Day Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Quality, passage-based revision questions are vital for examination preparation. But unfortunately, these are constantly in short supply for scholars. Fortunately, UWorld comes through for them as a top-shelf exam preparation resource.

The platform creates unique content to simplify the complicated stuff and make them easy to understand. You'll find simple explanations and well-delivered learning material to help you triumph in the high-stakes papers. With a vast team of accomplished professionals across different fields, users are assured of the best quality guidance.

The biggest challenge for most students, however, is the pricing. Fortunately, the platform offers versions for different products that you can leverage when preparing for your upcoming examinations. But you must remember to unsubscribe once the free trial expires, and that's where DoNotPay comes in.

Does UWorld Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. for scholars who are preparing for their examinations. The company did away with the 90-day free trial provided to students who wished to test the bank for themselves, except for CFA® Level I. Instead, the current subscription lasts seven days.

The free version has relatively fewer capabilities than if you went pro. But the offerings will significantly impact your revision. You'll access the following within seven days:

  • Engaging and effective lectures
  • High-quality examination questions
  • Freedom to study anywhere anytime
  • SmartPath Predictive Technology to take the guesswork out of your examination preparation

Notably, the 90-day free access is only available for the CFA® Level I Exam. Here, users can access the following:

  • Over 2,000 CFA® Level I questions – These constantly updated and monitored questions follow the exam blueprint model and cover all learning outcome statements.
  • Comprehensive explanations – You'll get detailed justifications for all answer alternatives, a step-by-step guide to solving problems, and professionally produced illustrations.
  • Improvement and performance tracking – Track your study progress conveniently as you identify your weaknesses and strengths. You can also compare performance with your peers.

There are free trials for different academic specializations, from high school and grad school to college-level disciplines like finance, accounting, medical, nursing, and law. All these have unique terms that differ from each other.

How Can I Get a UWorld Free Trial?

It's easy to sign up for UWorld's 90-day free trial for CFA® Level I exams. Here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Load the UWorld homepage.
  2. Hover on the Accounting section, then select CFA®.
  3. Once the page opens, you'll click on 90-day free access.
  4. At the page's bottom, you'll find the pricing details. Click "Buy" under the free option, which will apply the discount code.
  5. Once done, you'll complete the registration then fill out your profile.
  6. Enter the discount code, then complete the ordering process.

Notably, you don't have to submit your credit card information for this transaction.

Does the UWorld Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Interestingly, UWorld's free trial doesn't automatically renew into a paid subscription. You can buy a new plan or pay for any of the following access extensions:

30-day renewal$99
90-day renewal$149
180-day renewal$199
360-day renewal$259

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Understandably, most people forget to cancel their trials on time, hence have to pay for a service they don't need. Fortunately, DoNotPay can come through for you with its virtual credit card that can help you sign up for various online trials.

The card will randomly create a temporary card number that you can include as the payment method. What's more, the virtual credit card generator can quickly design a new card number that you'll use once to avoid unwanted costs.

This free trial card lacks cash and doesn't link to your bank account. So the process is entirely risk-free. Whenever UWorld tries to impose the charges, the card will decline the transaction. As such, you'll be automatically unsubscribed.

How Much Does UWorld CFA® Level I Cost After the Trial?

Here's how much you'll pay for UWorld examination preparation after the 90-day CFA® Level I trial:

30 days$49
90 days$69
180 days$99
360 days$129

The charges for SAT and ACT include:

90 days$99
180 days$139
360 days$139

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to UWorld?

Apart from UWorld, you can leverage numerous other sites that you can rely on for exams preparations. Most are free, while others offer great value for your money. Let's jump in!

  1. Gauthmath – The perfect math answer scanner to help you with your mathematics problems for free. The site lets you access real math tutors online for graphing, algebra, calculus, word problems, and other questions.
  2. Photomath – Learn mathematics, study for your upcoming exams, and check assignments with one of the most popular learning apps. The free site offers animations and simplified step-by-step explanations, so you don't get stuck.
  3. Duolingo – Learning a new language is now as easy as ever with this educational app. The free and fun platform takes you through bite-sized quick lessons to minimize learning time. It helps you prepare for examinations and authentic conversations in over 35 languages.
  4. AMBOSS – This popular UWorld alternative offers unlimited library access, intelligent study tools, interactive medical imaging, and excellent customer support. However, the service isn't free. Students will pay $9.99 per month or an annual subscription billed $7.42 monthly with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  5. Med School Tutors – The highly customized online tutoring platform is ideal for MCAT, USMLE, COMLEX, admissions, residency consulting, and shelf exams. The pricing starts at $177/hour, $249/hour for Medical pricing, and $299 for Advanced Boards.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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