How to Get a Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial In 3 Steps

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How to Get a Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial In 3 Steps

Twitch is an American live streaming video service that offers an entertaining and social way to watch people:

  • Play games
  • Broadcast their music
  • Create content.

This platform is one of the most popular live video services in the United States. For individuals who have a twitch channel, growing views is essential because an increased number of views on your content naturally translates to an increased amount of revenue. As a result, Twitch viewer bots were developed to inflate the views and interactions on Twitch for the sole purpose of assisting people in generating more revenue.

Read through this article to discover how you can use a , and how DoNotPay can prevent any costs associated with it.

Do Twitch Viewer Bots Offer a Free Trial?

Several available on the internet have a free trial. Most of these bots have a free trial that usually lasts for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the provider of this service. Once you use them, not only will your number of viewers increase by around 15 people, but your number of interactions is also likely to be boosted.

The advantage of Twitch viewer bots' free trial is that people get to experience their service first-hand before committing to them. This will enable them to make a more informed decision on whether to subscribe for the free trial after its expiry.

How Can I Get a Twitch Viewer Bot on a Free Trial?

Because there are many Twitch viewer bots all over the internet, the procedure for signing up for their free trial may vary. However, in most cases, you are required to provide your phone number or email address and a strong password. You are also required to provide the payment option that you will use after the free trial like PayPal, credit card, among many others. Finally, you will be required to fill in your personal information on the registration page so that you can begin using the particular Twitch viewer bot on a free trial.

The following are examples of Twitch viewer bots that you can register on their pages and use on a free trial:

  1. ViewerLabs
  2. Views Run
  3. Streamlabs Cloudbot
  4. Nightbot
  5. Phantombot

Does the Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial Automatically Renew into a Paid Subscription?

Many websites which provide Twitch viewer bots on a free trial will renew automatically into a paid plan once the time duration allowed for the free trial expires. Since the free trial of many Twitch viewer bots lasts only for a couple of minutes, it is crucial to ensure that you cancel the subscription if you don't wish to continue using the service after the free trial. Doing so will help you avoid any unwanted costs that may come when the Twitch viewer bot automatically renews to a paid subscription.

BaselineRevenue Adjustment Incentive DurationInitial EligibilityOngoing Eligibility
Monthly average sub revenue and live hours broadcasted, based on previous 3 months12-Months Total

Months 1-3 = 100% of baseline

Months 4-6 = 75% of baseline

Months 7-9 = 50% of baseline

Months 10-12 = 25% of baseline

20% of baseline revenue from countries outside of the US, Canada, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and minor outlying territories (where prices are not changing)Creator must stream 85% of their baseline hours to remain eligible

Creator must live stream a minimum of 5 hours; creators will be asked to stream no more than 200 hours per month if they normally stream this much

Hours broadcast must be live (reruns do not count)

You can still ask for a refund if you find yourself receiving charges for the Twitch viewer bot after you forgot to cancel the subscription. You can contact the customer service and support of the particular twitch viewer bot and ask for assistance in getting your money back. However, it is important to note that because several Twitch viewer bots in the market have different terms and conditions of using their service, getting your money back is not always a guarantee.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Research shows that more than 62% of people forget to cancel automatic renewals. Individuals with Twitch channels who use these viewer bots on a free trial are no exception, as they also fall in the same category. After the Twitch viewer bot automatically renews into a paid plan, in most cases, people are typically charged a monthly fee for the particular Twitch viewer bot.

That's why DoNotPay developed a virtual credit card. You can use our free virtual credit cards to sign up for free trials, and never get charged when the trial rolls over into a subscription.

  1. You can be assured that it will prevent any costs from coming your way after the free trial has expired.
  2. This credit card is typically a substitute for your original credit card when registering for free trials.
  3. Since it has no connection to your bank account, it cannot allow any payments to go through.
  4. Moreover, your actual credit card information is safeguarded from online hackers who may want to steal it. This is, however, not possible since the virtual credit card generates its own email address and credit card information that can be used to register for these Twitch viewer bots free trial.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

You can sign up for DoNotPay using your web browser, and use it's virtual credit card to sign up for free trials of services such as Lightroom and Netflix.

Apart from protecting you from receiving unwanted costs when using a Twitch viewer bot, DoNotPay can assist you with many other things, including:

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