How to Get a Stitcher Premium Free Trials With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get a Stitcher Premium Free Trials With a Virtual Credit Card

Founded in 2008, Stitcher has grown to become one of the most popular podcast platforms across the US. The platform focuses on the sole distribution of podcasts and connects listeners with their favorite podcasters and advertisers with their target audience.

Unlike other podcast platforms that focus on playing single episodes, Stitcher has built a niche by continuously streaming live radio shows and podcasts from the users' playlist or a Stitcher staff. The free version of Stitcher gives you access to over 65,000 shows from different genres. However, if you are a frequent listener, you should consider upgrading to Stitcher Premium for more exclusive podcasts.

Maybe you are not sure about paying for the content; the Stitcher platform provides you with a free trial period where you get to enjoy exclusive content from your favorite podcasters. Upon the expiry of your free trial period, your subscription is automatically renewed, and you get to pay for the content. Luckily, DoNotPay provides a service that lets you steer clear of the incidental charges during the automatic renewal.

Does Stitcher Offer a Free Trial?

The based on your preferred subscription plan. For instance, you will get a 7-day free trial if you choose the monthly plan or a 30-day free trial period if you select the yearly subscription plan.

If you no longer find it fit during the free trial period to continue accessing the shows, you should cancel the subscription three to two days in advance to avoid getting charged. The Stitcher free platform can only download and stream podcast content, while the premium account lets you:

  • Have access to over 60,000 hours of prime content
  • Stream and download your favorite podcast
  • Get early access to podcasts
  • Win monthly swag giveaways
  • Enjoy an ad-free show
  • Get free shipping on
  • Gain access to over 350 comedy shows
  • Access to exclusive ticket giveaways

How Can I Get a Stitcher Free Trial?

Stitcher content is accessible from Stitcher's official website or Android or iOS podcast apps for tablets, smartphones, and over 50 car models. The car should be equipped with Sensus Connect to allow you to access the podcasts while in transit.

You can listen to podcasts through the website without having an account, but if you are using the apps, you must log in to listen to any media. If you're a new user, you can create an account on the platform.

Visit Stitcher's website and click register, then choose your preferred registration method– a new account or via Facebook or Google to register with the platform. After successfully registering, you will have a free account with Stitcher.

Now, to access premium content using the free trial program, click on 'My Account' on the right side of your screen, then choose ' Try Stitcher Premium.' You'll then select a suitable plan to continue with after the trial period is over.

  • An annual plan - $34.99 billed yearly with a 30-day free trial period
  • A monthly plan - $4.999 billed monthly with a 7-day free trial period.

After selecting your preferred plan, you will link your credit card, and if your card is accepted, you will access all the premium podcasts and live shows.

Does Stitcher Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Stitcher Premium is set on auto-renewal until you cancel the service. Based on your plan– monthly or yearly, you will be receiving a bill on your linked card.

Stitcher subscription is non-refundable as it's your sole responsibility to disable the auto-renew feature on your account to avoid getting charged. Although there are particular circumstances where you may get a refund, such as a double bill, Stitcher advises you to read through the terms of service to avoid misunderstandings.

How to Avoid Stitcher Premium Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

You will likely forget to unsubscribe from the Stitcher Premium plan after subscribing out of curiosity. When you opened an account with Stitcher, you linked your card to your account and gave consent for the automatic renewal of your plan after the trial period was over.

Perhaps you didn't intend to continue with the subscription, but failure to cancel before the expiry of your trial period, you receive a bill on your card. The unplanned bill can set you back, causing emotional turmoil.

DoNotPay has an amazing tool called the Free Trial Card. The free trial card is a virtual credit card that generates a unique number sequence, similar to your credit card number. You will use the virtual card number during the registration process to enjoy the free trial period.

After your trial period is over, the card automatically declines any auto-renewal request from the platform, preventing you from incurring unwanted bills. Notably, the virtual card isn't linked to any bank and doesn't have money.

What are the Most Popular Alternatives to Stitcher?

Below are other podcast platforms you may consider depending on your financial plan and the genre of the shows.

Podcast PlatformPrice per MonthBenefits
Apple Podcast$0.49
  1. It has an easy-to-navigate design
  1. Featured podcasts can be ranked in the Top charts or New and Noteworthy category.



  1. It has a user-friendly design
  1. Ability to create a playlist
  1. It has a diverse range of content
Google Podcast$0
  1. Has translation features
  1. Easy to use features
  2. Offers closed caption options to the users
  1. Works with Alexa, Siri, Google Home.
  1. It has a first play feature that allows you early access to your favorite podcast
  1. Premium account allows you to access live sports coverage

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Besides helping you avoid unexpected charges during the automatic renewal, we work with other service providers. We conveniently provide you with services, documentation, and information, thus saving time, energy, and money.

Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to;

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