How To Get Shack TV Free Trial Easily With This Virtual Credit Card

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How To Get Shack TV Free Trial Easily With This Virtual Credit Card

is one of the most popular internet protocol television in the US. Originally from Australia, the IPTV service provider is well-known for its diverse products. Shack TV services are subscriber-based and allow the user to choose what to watch and when to watch it.

Shack TV IPTV app relies on an active internet connection to stream any media. The app brings you over 8,000 live TV channels from different parts of the globe in High Definition resolution. For you to enjoy these programs, you need to create a user account and subscribe to the services.

Shack TV offers a free trial, giving you a chance to test the quality of their products before buying. If not canceled on time, the free trial automatically renews into a paid subscription. DoNotPay helps you avoid the , without consequences. Sign up on our website and enjoy our virtual credit card services now.

Does Shack TV Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, offers a 24-hour free trial that allows you to test their products before subscribing. The free trial allows you to experience Shack TV premium with incurring any charges.

In case you don't intend to pay for a Shack TV subscription, you need to cancel your account before the 24-hour trial period is over. Failure to cancel your free trial, the subscription will automatically be upgraded to a paid subscription.

After canceling your free trial subscription, you will continue enjoying the services until the 24 hours are over. If you need to use the services after the cancellation, you will have to subscribe afresh, and pay for the services.

In addition to the free trial, you can enjoy discounts on Shack TV subscription from affiliate companies and Shack TV seasonal offers. To access discounts, you need to be on the lookout, as most are only advertised on the official Shack Television website and the websites of the individual affiliate companies.

How Can I Get a Shack TV Free Trial?

To get the shack TV free trial, you need to create a user account and have an internet connection of not less than 100 MB per second. Follow the following steps to start the Shack TV free trial:

  1. Send a message with the words "free trial" to 936-276-1586
  2. Download the Shack TV IPTV app on your Fire Stick, your Android, or Apple device
  3. Watch the instructions video and follow the provided instructions
  4. Input the username and password you received in step one of your downloaded Shack TV IPTV app or and enjoy the services

You can access the instruction video through any of the following sources:

The free trial is automatically activated after inputting the given username and password. The countdown for the 24-hour offers starts immediately after the account is activated.

Does the Shack TV Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, the Shack TV free trial automatically renews into a paid subscription after the 24 hours trial period is over. After the upgrade from free trial to paid subscription, you are billed immediately for a monthly subscription to your linked credit card.

Shack TV IPTV charges a minimum of $10 per month. There are additional charges if you prefer more services.

Personal Account$70 / YearIPTV Free Trial (24 Hours)

Full Format

7300 Channels

9600 VOD

Contact Online and Skype

Reseller Account$45 / YearTrial version for customers

Full Format

7300 Channels

9600 VOD

$200 to start your business

IPTV Restream$2 / YearTrial Free 10 connection/channels (4 Day)

Full Format

5000 Channels

8000 VOD

You Need have a Server

$50 for (10 connection) to start your business

To avoid paying the $10 monthly fee, you need to cancel your free trial subscription before the 24- hours are over. If you fail to cancel your free plan and get charged a month's subscription, you cannot get a refund for the money.

Instead, you will have to cancel your account to avoid incurring next month's bill. If you cancel after the first month's billing, you will enjoy the services till your 30 days are over and get terminated after that.

Get a Shack TV Free Trial With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Product-free trials are a good way to test their services without paying. This, however, comes with an underside, automatic renewal of the free trial to a paid subscription.

Your credit card information is one of the requirements for you to access the Shack TV free trial. Once the free trial period is over, you will incur an automatic bill on your credit card. The automatic upgrade from free trial to paid subscription will have you paying for services you did not intend to buy.

To avoid these unplanned bills, use the DoNotPay Free Trial card. The free trial card allows you to access free trials without inputting your credit card details, helping you avoid incurring any bills even if you forget to cancel your free plan.

The DoNotPay virtual credit card generator comes up with 21 random numbers that act as your credit card. This virtual credit card has no money and is not connected to your banking details.

If you wish to pay for the services after the free trial period, you will have to substitute the virtual credit card with your actual card to facilitate billing.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Shack TV?

Shack TV might not offer the entertainment quality you are after. You can sample any of the following top rating alternatives till you meet your match:

  1. LookForTV
  3. BlinkX
  4. StreamTVGuide
  5. TVDuck

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