How to File a Reach Sears Complaint and Get Compensation

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How to Reach Sears Complaints Department In 4 Steps

Sears is an American department store chain founded in 1892. Over the decades, Americans have gone to Sears to shop for various items, including clothing, tools, appliances, mattresses, and much more. In addition, Sears is home to several big brands, such as Diehard, Serta, Craftsman Tools, and Kenmore, among others.

As with any other company or business, Sears lodges customer complaints constantly. Common Sears complaints include customer service and defective goods. Though there’s the for its customers to lodge complaints, the process is time-consuming and frustrating.

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How to Contact the Sears Complaints Department to File a Complaint

Do you have any burning issues you want to raise with the Sears Complaints Department? Sears provides several ways to contact their customer support and raise your concern. Below are the necessary contact details.

Ways to Contact Sears Customer Support
Phone Number (Headquarters)(847) 286-2500
Phone Number (Customer Care)(800) 479-5899
Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

Sears is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, when you can file your complaint with the relevant authorities.

How to File a Complaint Against Sears

In most cases, the above methods may fail to work. If so, you can seek alternative methods such as filing a suit or reporting the company to a relevant authority.

If you still feel aggrieved after trying the above channels, you can report the department store's chain to Better Business Bureau. This independent business reviewer allows consumers to share their honest reviews and complaints and give consumers insight into various businesses.

Therefore, raise your Sears complaints on its BBB profile. If you provide your contact details, Sears will contact you to try an out-of-court settlement since companies generally care about their reputation and ratings on such platforms.

Alternatively, report your Sears complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, which is a government institution that helps aggrieved clients raise issues against fraudulent businesses or unfair business practices. Visit or call their number to file your Sears complaint.

Take Sears to Court Failure to Resolve Your Issue

Another way to ensure your matter is resolved is to drag Sears to court for a more effective approach. If your matter remains unresolved or Sears' attempt at compensation doesn't appear satisfactory, you can sue them in a small claims court. Here is how:

  1. Try an out-of-court settlement. There is a likelihood that this hasn't worked despite your efforts.
  2. Failure to resolve the issue on Sear's part, head over to the county clerk in the small claims district near Sear's location. It is important to sue in the exact state where the Sear store is located
  3. Fill out a complaint form and pay the corresponding fees.
  4. Serve the defendant with the statement of claim you filed.
  5. Appear in court if Sears hasn't reached out and compensated you within the 20 days set aside to file an answer to your claim.

How to File a Sears Complaint with DoNotPay

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  4. Provide details about why you're filing the lawsuit including photographic proof and other important information.

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