The Fastest Way to Get a Copy of a Pinellas County Birth Certificate

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How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate in Pinellas County in 5 Minutes

If you were born in Pinellas County, one of the first documents you'll ever receive in your lifetime is your birth certificate. As you age, it can be hard to keep up with all the important documents you've gathered over the years, and you may have found you've lost them somehow. Wondering how to get a copy of your ? DoNotPay can help.

Getting access to your birth certificate can seem like a marathon event, complete with requirements for identity proof, payment, and many other things. In short, it can be a pain in the neck. It doesn't have to be with DoNotPay. We'll do all the work for you based on the information you give us. Read on to see how it works.

Which Type of Birth Certificate Do I Need? An Authorized Copy or Informational Copy?

The type of copy needed is based on the reason you're requesting it.

  • If you want it for the information on it, you'll want to get an informational birth certificate copy.
  • If you're getting it for purposes, you'll want to get an authorized birth certificate copy. You'll also need to find out if you need notarization services.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Pinellas County Birth Certificate?

You've got several options for getting a . First, you should know that birth certificates are not considered a matter of public record until 100 years after it was originally issued. You should also know there are some limitations as to who can request a copy of the birth certificate.

  • You must be the person the record is for (if you're over 18).
  • You must be an immediate family member (parent, guardian, representative, etc.).
  • Birth certificates can be issued through a court order.

If the person you want the birth certificate for is deceased, you must be a adult and the spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, or representative of the individual.

You have to prove your identity to get a copy of a birth certificate. It can be done using valid licenses, IDs, passports, or military IDs.

How Much Do Pinellas County Birth Certificates Cost?

To get an authorized (certified) copy of the birth certificate, you'll pay $13 for the first one and $6 per additional copy, if ordered at the same time. You can purchase a protective cover for $2 and have notary services for amended forms for $10.

Non-rush orders take five business days to be processed. This does not include mailing time. Rush orders are processed within 3 business days and do not include mailing time. You can get overnight delivery for $17.

You can get a copy of the birth certificate online, in person (8751 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL), by phone (727-507-4330 ext. 6315), or by fax (727-507-4335).

DoNotPay Makes it Easy to Order Pinellas County Birth Certificates

So, you've figured out that DoNotPay is the best and easiest solution for you, rather than trying to deal with the hassle of going it alone. Who wants to spend time waiting for a copy of their birth certificate when they can have it done faster?

DoNotPay can help you in 8 steps:

  1. Go to the Birth Certificates product on DoNotPay.

  2. Select who the certificate is for (you or a loved one). If you are requesting a copy of someone else's certificate, enter their personal details, and upload evidence that proves your relationship.

  3. Enter the location you or your loved one was born in, so we can complete the form specific to your state.

  4. Enter the name(s) of the parent(s) as displayed on the certificate.

  5. Indicate what you will be using this certificate for, and choose whether you need an authorized or certified copy.

  6. Enter your contact information and shipping address. Upload copies of your government-issued identification, such as a driver's license.

  7. Choose whether you would like to electronically sign this form or not. Once we generate the form, verify that all of the information is correct.

  8. If you need the document to be notarized, schedule a notarization appointment using our Notary product. Otherwise, proceed to our Mail Checks product and let DoNotPay mail-in your request form with a check on your behalf.

This is much faster than waiting in line forever, isn't it? DoNotPay has you covered.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from ordering your Pinellas County birth certificate, we can also assist you with the following inquiries:

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Why is DoNotPay the Best Option?

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of it. Here's why you should use DoNotPay:

  1. We're easy to use. You're saved a trip to the post office, nor do you have to print anything. It's all done online.
  2. We get results fast. We offer all the services you need to get a copy of your birth certificate, including virtual notary and check mailing services.
  3. Our results are successful.

As you see, we do the hard work, so you don't have to. That's the DoNotPay way and the DoNotPay benefit -- making your life easier, one task at a time!

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