How do MetroCard Refunds Work?

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How Do MetroCard Refunds Work?

Don't like driving in New York? No wonder if you ever tried to get a NY DMV appointment to do anything—whether it's scheduling a road test or renewing your driver's license.

In New York, it’s irrelevant if you are an experienced driver or a new one—driving is always stressful. If you are not familiarized with tricks to dispute NYC parking tickets, parking can be hell as well.

This is why so many New Yorkers (and tourists) choose MetroCard—an easy-to-use swipeable card that can be read by any farebox or subway turnstile card reader.

If you use MetroCard often, you might be wondering what happens if your card is stolen, damaged, or expires. Can you get your money back?

How to Get an MTA Refund?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) offers some protection and options for a refund on your MetroCard, but only for certain types of cards and under certain circumstances.

You can get a refund on your metro card if:

  • Your card is stolen
  • You lose the card
  • The card expires

How to Get a Metrocard Refund for Stolen Cards?

MTA provides a Balance Protection Program that offers protection against theft. The program covers different 30-Day Unlimited Ride cards and 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard

To send a refund request online follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MTA website
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Common Actions section
  3. Click on the File a MetroCard Claim option
  4. Scroll down and look for the menu called File a Claim Online
  5. Click on the Balance Protection Claim link in the menu
  6. Scroll down until you reach the part with three checkboxes when the form opens
  7. Check the boxes if your claim fulfills all the three conditions
  8. Scroll down to the first section called Customer Information
  9. Enter your name, email, address, and contact phone number
  10. Click on Verify Address
  11. Go to the next section called Incident Description if your address is verified
  12. Enter the date and time your card was stolen
  13. Choose Stolen as the answer to the question
  14. Select the type of card from the drop-down menu
  15. Type in your MetroCard Serial Number
  16. Select the payment method you used to purchase the ticket from the drop-down menu
  17. Enter the last four digits of the card you used
  18. Leave a comment if you want to, but make sure not to include any personal info
  19. Enter CAPTCHA text and click Confirm

You can apply for the protection system for your stolen metro card by calling 511 as well. Once you dial the number, follow the instructions to get a refund.

For your card to be eligible for the protection program, it has to be purchased with a credit card, debit card, or an ATM card from a MetroCard vending machine.

Your MetroCard would not be eligible for a refund if you paid for it in cash.

Getting an MTA MetroCard Refund if You Lost Your Card

The lost metro card also falls under the Balance Protection Program, as long as you used the methods listed above to pay for it. If your refund gets approved, it will be issued on the same payment method you used.

Your best option to request a refund is to do it through the online form:

  1. Go to the MTA Customer Self Service page
  2. Scroll down until you reach the MetroCard section
  3. Click on eFIX
  4. Pick the Balance Protection Claim option from the menu
  5. Check the requirement checkboxes to verify you have a right to a refund
  6. Enter your personal and contact info in the Customer Information section
  7. Click on Verify Address
  8. Type in the date and time when you lost your card in the Incident Description section
  9. Choose lost as the answer to the question Is Card
  10. Choose the type of card
  11. Type in your MetroCard Serial Number
  12. Pick the type of payment you used to buy the card from the drop-down menu
  13. Type in the last four digits of the card you used
  14. Leave a comment if you want to and then submit the form

How to Request an NYC MetroCard Refund if Your Card Expires?

If your card expires, it is eligible for a refund only if it's a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. Once it expires, you have two years to transfer any remaining money to a new card.

If you want, you can request a refund for an expired metro card by sending a questionnaire to the MTA.

You can find the questionnaire at subway stations or on busses, and it comes pre-packed in a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope. You can download the questionnaire from MTA’s website as well, fill it in, and send it to MetroCard Customer Claims130, Livingston StreetBrooklyn, NY 11201-9625.

Another option is to request a refund in person. All you have to do is visit the MetroCard Customer Service Center. They are located at 3 Stone Street in Lower Manhattan, between Broadway and Broad Street.

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