How to File Complaints

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How to File a Complaint

Online dating services like can be wonderful, and can sometimes lead to serious long-term relationships. However, as with any online service where there are success stories, there are bound to be some complaints. is no exception. Sometimes, people have a great experience and rave about the website, the process, and how it works. Other times, people need to make .

Filing a formal complaint with a company or a professional entity can sometimes be a big challenge. Companies will often remove reports of legitimate complaints, and other companies make it very difficult to post something negative about your experience with their product or website.

However, you should have a right to file legitimate complaints with a company and not be censored, nor should you have your posts removed or threats made against you for voicing your opinions, experiences, and/or concerns.

DoNotPay offers a great tool to file formal complaints about any product or website, including We are here to help ensure that the complaints you voice are heard and addressed in a prompt manner. The goal is to make your voice heard, so the company can take into consideration what your problems are and help you find a satisfactory solution.

DoNotPay works for all kinds of companies, like USPS, Walmart, and Starbucks, too.

How Do I File a Complaint with

In order to , you will need to follow a rigid and frustrating process to make your voice heard. requires anyone who has a complaint to voice will have to choose one of the following options if they wish to be heard.

  1. Call
  1. File a Complaint Online
  1. Send Them an Email
You can call at their business number for their customer care center, which is 1-800-92-MATCH (1-800-926-2824).

Be prepared to listen to the automated message and enter your option choices as they are presented. Once you complete that step, you will be connected to a phone line to wait until a representative is available to help.

Depending on when you want to call, you may wait longer to speak to someone about your complaint.

Another alternative is to visit's customer service page and view their popular FAQ or visiting a message in a chat to talk to a customer service team care member.

It may take a bit for them to respond to your message if you can't find your answer in the FAQ section of the website. Reading and sifting through information that doesn't pertain to your case can be equally frustrating. If the information is available in FAQ, the person on the chat will likely send you a link to that information and you will have to read it for yourself instead of getting a direct answer that you are looking for from the customer care team.

You can also email for further assistance.

You will have to wait for the person to respond to your email. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few business days for you to get a response to the email you send.

Waiting can be frustrating, especially if the situation is serious, and you need an answer more quickly.

These are some ways to contact Customer Care for, but all involve extensive reading and/or waiting on your part to get your answer. You may feel frustrated and downright annoyed by waiting for information to come back to you about your situation. In other situations, you may feel that the answer is less than satisfactory. Remember, DoNotPay has a faster, easier way to . It works for any organization, even One Shot Keto and Chipotle restaurants.

What Information Do I Need to Have Available to File a Complaint?

If you are going to , you will need to have some basic information available to them the first time you reach out. Be ready to share:

  • Your Full Name (First and Last Name)
  • City/State (Area of Residence)
  • Zip Code
  • Email Address

Having this information ready can help the customer care team at help you in a timely manner.

How Can I File A Formal Complaint Against

You can go through agencies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to file a complaint. The BBB is a trusted source for information on businesses and . The form to file a Consumer Complaint can be found online. Whether you need to report a scam or file a complaint or even post a review of a company, you can do it through the BBB.

If you have a complaint that is legitimate and meets the criteria for the BBB, then your complaint will be sent to the company within two business days. The company will have 14 calendar days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified if we receive a response from the company or not. Most cases can be closed within 30 days of the case opening.

That can be a long, frustrating process that requires a lot of information from you. It can take you a long time to figure out how to word your complaint and figure out all the right options to select to file your formal complaint. Something may or may not result from the complaint you file. That's a frustrating process.

DoNotPay is a Better Way to File a Complaint

DoNotPay can help you either file your complaint with, or take your case to small claims court. All you have to do is complete these 4 simple steps to provide us with the information we need, then we can have us mail a demand letter to the company letting them know of your complaint (or ensuing lawsuit if nothing is done about the problem):

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and select the Complaint Letters product.

  2. Tell us how much you are owed by the company, if applicable.

  3. Select the reason for your lawsuit.

  4. Provide details about why you're filing the lawsuit including photographic proof and other important information.

Once you provide us with the information, the demand letter will be sent to They can respond to your complaint, or be taken to small claims court, which usually settles claims for anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 if the complaint is not heard and subsequently resolved satisfactorily.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

We are glad you asked. DoNotPay offers hundreds of ways you can save time and money. Use it to file complaints against companies like:

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