What's KFC's Complaint Number?

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Easy Steps to Contact KFC’s Complaint Number

KFC is a multinational fast-food restaurant with a massive presence across the globe. You would be amazed by how many people order food from the giant food restaurant. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in an efficient and responsive customer complaint management system.

Like other companies such as Walmart, Starbucks, and USPS, KFC has invested in developing a responsive complaint resolution mechanism where customers can easily share their complaints via phone calls, online, or in person at the restaurant.

Unfortunately, some customers still end up being dissatisfied with the complaint process and need more guidance to air their grievances.

So, if you are curious about how to find the correct to make your complaint, read on.

How to Contact the KFC Complaint Management System

Like most companies, KFC provides its customers with various ways to contact them to air their grievances and get assistance. Some common ways to connect with a include:

North America
For US Residents(800) 225-5532
For Canadian Residents(866) 364-0862
Customer CareCustomer Care Contact Form
InstagramKentucky Fried Chicken
FacebookVaries per branch

The United Kingdom
Complaints Hotline0844-409-6467
Support SiteHelp Page
Customer CareCustomer Care Contact Form
InstagramKFC UK & Ireland
FacebookKFC London

You can also contact the KFC customer complaints resolution team using their email support if you're experiencing issues connecting with other communications processes. You can use the KFC email support on their 'Contact Us' page to solve general issues with your order, how you were served, long delivery times, the condition of the KFC restaurant, and many more.

How to Lodge a Complaint at KFC

The fast-food restaurant has well-trained staff who have the experience of handling various complaints and have established a structure for processing all customer complaints as quickly as possible.

After filing your complaint, it will go through the following channel:

  1. You will receive an automatic notification that the KFC complaint resolution team has received and logged your complaint
  2. A live KFC representative will get in touch with you regarding the details of your complaint. Remember to be precise, accurate, and as detailed as possible.
  3. You may also present any evidence you have to the live representative. As KFC records the interaction, remember to do the same.
  4. The live representative will escalate your issue and follow up to determine the veracity of your claim.
  5. Depending on the outcome, the fast-food company may explain its position regarding your claim and offer amends.

The KFC complaints resolution representative handling your case will try not to antagonize you throughout the phone call. They may offer apologies, refunds, or coupons as a remedy for the inconvenience even if they have not yet made out your case adequately.

Some Common Complaints Customers Make Against KFC

Even the best companies will ultimately make mistakes when servicing their customers. And like One Shot Keto, Taco Bell, or DoorDash, KFC is no different.

People call to complain about:

  • The quality of the food. The food may arrive cold or may not be freshly prepared.
  • Being served bad or contaminated food.
  • Incomplete deliveries for their orders and no offer of compensation for the inconvenience.
  • Dissatisfaction about how the customers' complaints are processed, claiming that KFC customer care agents sometimes don't receive calls
  • KFC staff of being rude, apathetic, impatient, or inattentive to customer plights.
  • No available orders. KFC has also run out of food on several instances, leading to customer outcry.

Start Your KFC Complaint Process With the Help of DoNotPay

Like the KFC , many companies like Walgreens, CarShield, Chipotle, and Somatic can get trolled on social media for not addressing their customer complaints properly. But for companies that receive such a high volume of calls, you would expect that they have the best customer complaints management team available. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

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