How to Stop Getting Emails From YouTube

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Life Hack: How to Stop Getting Emails From YouTube

The popular online video-sharing platform, YouTube, enriches the lives of people around the globe with the diverse content it hosts. It is a never-ending source of entertainment. Users can upload, share, comment, and rate the videos, music, and clips as well as subscribe to various channels.

Though subscribing to YouTube channels has its perks in terms of being up-to-date with your interests, it can surely be vexing to see so many unsolicited and useless email updates heap up in your inbox.

To clear the mess that such emails make, read on—you won’t regret it!

Stop YouTube Emails With DoNotPay

If you are sick and tired of receiving all those spam emails, and you just want to stop them from bombarding your mailbox. There’s no need to bother with unsubscribing from emails or reporting the spam manually. We can help you have it all in one go!

Our DoNotPay AI-supported spam-fighting robot has automated this whole process to make it effortless and swift.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Run your DoNotPay account in any now
  2. Select the Spam Collector option
  3. Enter your email address to connect it to DoNotPay
  4. When you receive your next spam email, just push it forward to

Not only will we discontinue your subscription from YouTube channels’ mailing list, but we will also inform you of any currently existing class action against the sender. Should the email be unlawful, you may even get some bucks out of the settlement. That’s how you serve your spam email revenge cold.

How to Stop YouTube Emails Manually

If you have decided to resolve the matter on your own, here’s a short overview of the steps you should take. Brace yourself for a lot of clicks.

You can disable YouTube emails on your:

  1. Desktop browser
  2. Mobile browser
  3. Mobile app
  4. Email inbox

How to Stop YouTube Email Notifications in Desktop Browser

  • Log in to your YouTube account
  • Tap your profile picture in the right upper corner of your page
  • In the dropdown menu, click Settings
  • Then, go for Notifications
  • Disable Email notifications in the Your preferences section

Stop YouTube Emails in Your Mobile Browser

  • Sign in to your YouTube account, and tap the three vertical dots
  • Click Settings
  • Select the Email option
  • Turn off the ones you don’t want to get updates for

Discontinue YouTube Emails in Your Mobile App

  • Run the YouTube app
  • Go for the profile picture, then Settings
  • Choose the Notification option
  • Switch the toggle next to the email category you want to disable

Note that if you disable the entire email update about your activity on the platform, you will still get emails regarding your account, privacy and legal matters, and service.

Unsubscribe From YouTube Emails via Link in Your Inbox

Legally speaking, any marketing email must come with an unsubscribe button or link, usually at the bottom of the email, or a tool for you to manage your preferences. The same applies to YouTube and its channels.

To discontinue an email notification from YouTube, tap the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. It works both for all emails or just certain types.

Never Fall for YouTube Phishing Scams

If you have worked hard to build and keep your channel afloat, it is vital that you do not fall for scams coming from organizations posing as YouTube. The contact information might seem legitimate, the images are right, and the spelling is impeccable, but something might be fishy.

They may inform you that YouTube will close your channel due to viewers’ complaints regarding your spam videos. Bear in mind that YouTube would never send such emails without referencing its Community Guidelines and Policies and would never ask for your channel’s details, such as your password. Should you receive emails of suspicious nature, relate the matter to YouTube‘s Help Center.

How to Spot Fake YouTube Emails

It is a well-known fact that scam emails circulate internet platforms, tricking people into giving away their personal information. It has happened in relation to YouTube as well. You have to keep a watchful eye on such scams to be able to protect yourself. Here are some of the signs of fake YouTube emails. They tend to:

  1. Come with attachments and links to follow
  2. Offer rewards for following the links and threaten with penalties for not taking any action
  3. Direct you to a series of surveys
  4. Address you by “Dear User” or “Dear Customer”

Monetize the DoNotMail Feature as Well!

Your eyes may flare at the sight of junk email gobs in your inbox, but seeing them in your mailbox does nothing but fan the flames. Luckily, there is a simple and quick solution to that as well.

DoNotMail is a DoNotPay feature aiming to purge the scam mail and flyers from your mailbox. All you need to do is take a snap of the junk mail you got and send it to us.

Let us show you the steps:

  1. Scroll down to the DoNotMail option on the DoNotPay homepage and click it
  2. Tap the Enroll Now button
  3. Upload your photos, and you are done!

You might wonder whether it is worth doing it. Assess the table below, and decide for yourself.

DoNotMail Benefits

Tick for Pick
Protecting users from scams

Empowering users to take full charge of their mailbox

Guaranteeing junk mail removal

Promoting environmental sustainability

Qualifying you for compensation through a class-action lawsuit

Clearing up the junk mail clutter with DoNotMail enables you to sidestep scammers set on tricking you for your money and be in complete control of what content you want to see in your mailbox.

You will help protect the environment by reducing the unnecessary waste of natural resources. But that’s not the end! If the class action is successful, the settlement could get you up to $500 in compensation!

Other Tricks DoNotPay Has Up Its Sleeve

The digital space has certainly been a scammer’s paradise. Your YouTube junk mail problem might seem minuscule compared to all the emails you get from other platforms. You might want to consider getting apprised of how to stop emails from Facebook, Amazon, or Twitter. Are you interested in learning how to stop receiving emails in general? Or reporting the abusive ones and blocking them on your Android or iOS?

DoNotPay’s mission is to make it all go away. But don’t judge the book by its covers!

Before we continue, check out the benefits you may reap if you use our service.

DoNotPay Way

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We are affordable

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We require no effort on your part

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What way?

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