Best Way to Do Chargeback with Bluebird

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Bluebird Chargeback Solutions That Work

Would you know how to do a chargeback on your Bluebird card if you had a transaction you didn't make? Erroneous transactions and being hit by a scam or other ill-fated charges can quickly drain your Bluebird account. Navigating your way through the lengthy chargeback process will quickly drain your sanity.

Hopefully, you will recognize the transaction in question as soon as possible and begin the chargeback process. These processes can be frustrating and annoying leaving you angry at the whole situation.

What you need is a that works without causing any inconvenience on your part. If you could handle the entire process of a chargeback on your Bluebird card as easily as responding to an online survey, would you do it? Of course, you would!

How to Do Chargebacks with Bluebird on Your Own

The confusion begins early on in trying to accomplish your chargeback with Bluebird. They issue two types of credit/debit cards and in the opening question of their chargeback solution, they ask which card you have.

You will either have a prepaid credit/debit or a bank account credit/debit. Either way, both products operate on the prepaid model, and the first question is designed to confuse, and it does. If your patience is wearing thin because of the erroneous charges, the chargeback process isn't going to help that at all.

You will then be given the option to report the transaction by phone or in writing. The only problem with reporting it by phone is, they may decide to get additional information from you and put it all in writing. If they make this request, you will have a window of only 10 days in which to get it all back to them. If it takes longer than 10 days to get your information written down, your chargeback will be nullified, and it will cause you to start the process all over again.

Things to Include With Your Chargeback Information

You must get all your transaction details lined up for the chargeback process. Bluebird requires the following information per their card agreement with you:

  1. Bluebird account number
  2. Description of the transaction being disputed
  3. Details as to why you believe this transaction is wrong
  4. Dollar amount
  5. Date of transaction
  6. Merchant tied to the transaction

Be sure that all of this information lines up with the information on your Bluebird statement.

Adding to Your Frustration - The Time Frame

Once your chargeback is initiated, the fine print of the Bluebird Card Agreement states that Bluebird may take as long as 60 days to determine if an investigation in your matter is warranted. It takes two months before they even decide if your problem is worth looking into. If the investigation is initiated, you might wait another 120 days before you hear a decision.

A fraudulent transaction that robbed your bank account in mere seconds will take at this point up to four months to hear if you will be refunded or not.

Your money and your time are not even considered when trying to get a chargeback on your Bluebird card all alone.

Using DoNotPay for All Your Chargeback Issues With Bluebird

There is an easy way to handle your chargeback issues with the services provided by DoNotPay. At DoNotPay, we understand how important your money and your time are. That's exactly why DoNotPay was designed; and other types of credit card issues and refunds to put your money back where it belongs - with you.

It is so easy to use DoNotPay as your Bluebird chargeback solution. All you have to do is:

  1. Log into your DoNotPay account, if you do not have one you can create one for free!
  2. Scroll down to 'Chargebacks' and answer basic questions identifying you and your Bluebird account
  3. Tell DoNotPay the details of the transaction by answering a few basic questions
  4. List transaction date and amounts
  5. DoNotPay will then compile all your information, arm that information with a bot, and send it to handle your Bluebird chargeback issues!

There is no need for you to worry about time constraints or other confusing issues with your chargeback, DoNotPay will be hard at work on your behalf to rectify the situation as soon as possible!

Why Should You Use DoNotPay?

To date, DoNotPay has resolved over 1,000,000 credit card issues. DoNotPay is highly recommended by industry leaders such as CNN, NBC, Times, and Forbes. When you choose DoNotPay to handle your Bluebird chargeback issues, you get the following features every time:

FastWe make Bluebird chargeback as easy as filling out an online survey. Simply answer a few questions and the solution is put in play.
EasyYou have better things to do than trying to get your Bluebird chargeback by yourself.
SuccessfulDoNotPay has resolved over 1,000,000 credit card issues to date.

DoNotPay was designed to level the playing field when it comes to resolving credit card issues. DoNotPay is your one-stop all-inclusive credit card chargeback information hub.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

If a company declines to issue a refund, use DoNotPay to get a chargeback on the transaction. We can help with chargebacks such as:

DoNotPay makes chargeback solutions quick and efficient for you, but that isn't all we do! DoNotPay is also your virtual credit card learning center, and information center regarding issues you may have with getting refunds for airline tickets. You can also get help with:

Let DoNotPay show you just how easy solving your problems can be!

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