How Do I Make a Complaint to Starbucks

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How to Make A Complaint to Starbucks and Get Results

Starbucks is a chain store corporation of roastery reserves and coffee shops founded on 30 March 1971 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Starbucks is one of the most successful multinational companies, with more than 33,833 stores globally and over 15,000 of them being in the United States.

The incredible Starbucks success has translated to a large clientele and demand for excellent service. Despite the dedication of Starbucks to offer exceptional services and working conditions, conflicts might arise due to the human nature of the interaction.

If you need to make a complaint against Starbucks, you can reach them through their official communication channels or use the court of law when direct engagement fails. DoNotPay helps you find the simplest way to or any other food joints such as Chipotle and Taco Bells, or send demand letters to them in a small claims court where appropriate.

How to Contact Starbucks to Make a Complaint?

If you have any , you can contact them through their customer services contact cards or corporate contacts, depending on the type of complaint.

The customer services department is designed to address all services delivery and hospitality issues. For instance, if you are unsatisfied with how the waiting staff treated you, you can submit your complaint to the customer service department before heading out or contact them later.

Corporate and issues are better handled by the corporate offices, such as the human resource manager and the Starbucks officer. Here are the different ways you can make a complaint at Starbucks:

1. Give Direct Feedback

  • You can give instant feedback at any Starbucks outlet through the "Share Your Thoughts" pamphlets found on the condiments bar. The pamphlets have a space to comment on the services given to you and any other input you might have.
  • The store manager reviews your input and might solve the situation immediately or take it to the district manager, who will call for mediation.

2. Send Written Complaints

You can send to the customer care team or corporate team through email, phone calls, or physical letters. Below are the contacts you can use to reach Starbucks in case of any complaint:

Ways to Contact Starbucks Customer Support
Phone Number+1 206-467-4190, 800-Starbuck (800-782-7282)
Online Contact Form
Address2401 Utah Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98134 United States

Hours5:00 AM – 8:00 PM PT

Seven days a week

You can complain about:

  1. The quality of service
  2. The quality of your coffee
  3. Canceled contracts
  4. The need for refunds

And any other issues that you might encounter while working with Starbucks or getting their services.

How Do I File a Complaint Against Starbucks?

If Starbucks does not respond to your direct contact, you have the right to send demand letters to them in a court of law. Here are the steps to follow to send demand letters to Starbucks at the court of law successfully:

1. Collect All Relevant Documents

Collect all the documents that you can use to build your case against Starbucks. These documents include the following:

  • Sales receipts
  • Warranties
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Emails
  • Any proof of contact with Starbucks

2. Send a Letter to Starbucks

Draft a letter of complaint to Starbucks through the official Starbucks contacts. The USA government provides a complaints form that you can fill out and then send to Starbucks.

Alternatively, you can use the DoNotPay demand letter or complaint letters forms.

3. Contact Local Consumer Protection Offices

If Starbucks does not respond to your demand letter, you should contact the government office or a consumer organization near you. You can file your complaints at any of the following offices:

  1. Local consumer protection office
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

4. Seek Professional Help

The process of seeking justice might be extremely long and exhausting. If you need counsel on how to get justice from Starbucks, you can seek the help of professionals such as DoNotPay.

How to Send demand letters to Starbucks in Small Claims Court with DoNotPay

Getting justice from the court of law takes a lot of patience and requirements to be fulfilled. Getting a lawyer to help you is one of the surest ways to get justice by seeking a lawyer's help, but lawyers are pretty expensive.

DoNotPay has developed a fantastic tool to save you from all these struggles. You can now send demand letters to Keto One-Shot on a small claims court as fast as you can to Walmart and Walgreens.

Here's how to start a small claims lawsuit against Starbucks with DoNotPay:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and select the Complaint Letters product.

  2. Tell us how much you are owed by the company, if applicable.

  3. Select the reason for your lawsuit.

  4. Provide details about why you're filing the lawsuit including photographic proof and other important information.

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