Sign Up For Herbalife Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

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Sign Up For Herbalife Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

Have you ever wanted an , but you were afraid you'd get sucked into a costly membership? Is one of your co-workers or friends an Herbalife representative, and they've been begging you to join, but you want to protect yourself from unwanted charges and a commitment you aren't ready to make?

You can easily get freebies from Herbalife, but there's only one way to get Herbalife free trials and samples with no strings attached, and that's with DoNotPay. Read more to find out how.

What Is Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. makes and markets dietary and health products in the form of:

  • Vitamins
  • Shakes
  • Teas
  • Snack bars

It was founded in 1980 and operates in more than 90 countries. Herbalife is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, meaning that distributors work just as hard to convert clients to dealers as they do to sell the products themselves, as each distributor takes a cut of profits from those they recruit.

How You Can Get Herbalife Free Trials and Samples

You can use Herbalife's business structure to your advantage if you're looking for a deal on health supplements because the company wants you to get excited about their products and possibly become another outlet for sales. Here are a couple of pointers for getting :

1. From Your Local Representative

If you don't know someone who sells Herbalife products, somebody you know most certainly does. If you're having trouble finding a representative in your area, you have to enter your phone number on their website. That information will be sent to a distributor as a lead, so be ready for a lot of phone calls.

When they do get in touch with you, ask for a free sample of the product you want to try. (You can view the Herbalife online catalog here). If you're interested in selling Herbalife products, you can ask if there's a free starter kit available.

2. From Herbalife’s Headquarters

Want to go straight to the source? Here's how you can contact Herbalife and ask for free trials.

Business’ NameThe Herbal Nutrition Network/Small Planet Online LLC
Business HoursMonday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central
AddressP.O. Box 374 Benton, KS 67017

When you call or write, remember that you are in a position of power: The company wants you on board, so they're going to work with you to make you happy.

How DoNotPay Can Prevent Unwanted Charges or Contact After an Herbalife Free Trial

Free trials are a marketing ploy to generate "leads" for future customers—you. In exchange for free trials or special offers, you give up your personal information.

DoNotPay can keep "free trials" free in just a few easy steps, including a free virtual credit card. Here's what they can help you do:

1. Use a Temporary Email Address

Since you have to enter an email address for any kind of online interaction with Herbalife (even their chatbot!) you probably don't want to use your primary personal or business email. DoNotPay will generate a "throwaway" email address you can use to corral spam. Hot tip: If you already gave Herbalife your email, you can always use their anti-spam product!)

2. Use a “Burner” Phone Number

Any time you're required to give a phone number for a free trial, or simply to inquire about a product, you're putting at risk for robocalls. You can get a DoNotPay fake online phone number to protect your privacy. The number will be available for one-time use only, will be active for about 10 minutes—long enough for SMS verification—and then it self-deletes. It's perfect for occasions like this!

And if you have already given your real phone number, you can fight telemarketers with DoNotPay.

3. Use a “Virtual” Credit Card

Here's another completely way to protect your personal information and eliminate unwanted charges: Use DoNotPay's virtual credit card (VCC) service! Featured on Wired, BBC, and Vice, our VCC is a dummy number temporarily attached to your real credit card to sign up for no-obligation free trials. It saves you from having to cancel your free trial, as when the company attempts to charge your account, there are no funds available unless you've "partitioned" funds to the VCC.

4. Read the Herbalife Terms of Service

Any time you sign up for a free trial, you should read the terms of the agreement. Our products save you from fees charged after the "cancel anytime" types of free trials, not for freebies like "your first XX months are free when you sign up for a year" discounts. If you need help understanding a company's terms of service, or you think the company is taking advantage of you, you might like to try DoNotPay's DoNotSign product.

DoNotPay Has Your Back, Whatever You're Facing

DoNotPay does far more than provide virtual credit cards, protecting you from unwanted charges. We offer products that help you save time, money, and frustration. Here's the shortlist of what we can do for you:

That's just a tiny fraction of our services. Use us today to get that truly free Herbalife free trial, and tomorrow we'll tackle the rest of your to-do list.

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