Does HelloFresh Offers a Free Trial

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How to Get a HelloFresh Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

HelloFresh is a subscription service that provides you with all the ingredients needed to make different meals. Each box comes with simple instructions and ingredients that are perfectly portioned to fit your household's specific needs. Like many services, requires you to enter your financial information when you sign up. If you want to try HelloFresh without the risk of having surprise charges on your card, DoNotPay can help by providing you with a free virtual credit card!

What Are the Different Subscription Plans Offered by HelloFresh?

Because provides you with ingredients that are portioned ahead of time, you have the freedom to customize your plan to suit your own needs. HelloFresh offers different preferences, including:

  • Meat and Veggies
  • Veggie (vegetarian)
  • Family Friendly
  • Fit and Wholesome
  • Quick and Easy
  • Pescatarian

Additionally, you're able to choose the number of people you need to feed (2 or 4) and the amount of recipes you'd like to receive per week (2-6). You're able to change these details, as well as pause or cancel the service, anytime you'd like.

Does HelloFresh Offer a Free Trial?

A free trial is a great opportunity to try a service without a full commitment. At this time, HelloFresh does not offer a free trial. They do, however, currently have a promotion where you can receive several different benefits, including:

  • Sixteen free meals with your purchase
  • Free shipping on your first order
  • Three surprise gifts included in your box

To receive these free gifts, you must subscribe to the meal service and order at least six deliveries. The discounts are spread out over this six week period, with $48 being taken off the price of your first box, working down to $18 off the price of your sixth box.

How Can I Get Hellofresh Promotional Benefits?

If you're interested in getting the above benefits with your HelloFresh order, follow the simple steps below:

How to Create a Plan

  1. Go to HelloFresh's website and select "View Our Plans"
  1. Choose your food preferences and customize your plan size
  1. Sign up for the service with Facebook, Google, Apple or your email
  1. Fill in the details of your address
  1. Fill in your payment details to checkout
  1. Finally, select the meals you'd like to receive within that order

The promotions will be applied automatically at checkout and any relevant discounts will continue to be received with subsequent orders.

Does My HelloFresh Subscription Automatically Renew?

When you sign up for HelloFresh, you're committed to receiving a box of groceries every week. Therefore, the HelloFresh subscription does technically renew weekly. You're charged each week for each individual box. If you'd like to skip a week of deliveries, you must do so by 11:59 pm PST 5 days prior to the day your delivery was scheduled. You can also completely cancel your subscription if you so choose.

Avoid Unwanted Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Signing up for a free trial to try different services is a great way to try something new without a full commitment. Unfortunately, most free trials require that you input your financial details, as they'll charge you as soon as it's over. Most companies won't send out a reminder email that your trial is expiring, and receiving an unwanted charge for a service you meant to cancel is extremely frustrating. DoNotPay can help you avoid this problem by providing you with a virtual credit card.

How Does Donotpay’s Virtual Credit Card Work?

  1. A credit card number is randomly generated for you. This information also includes the expiration date and CVV, which will allow you to use it to sign up for free trials.
  1. The credit card automatically approves billing/free trial pages. Even though the card has no money, it's able to approve certain pages, as long as those pages are free.
  1. Other charges, including subscriptions, are not approved. If there's a charge attempting to be made with a real monetary value, the transaction will be denied because there's no money on the card.
  1. You can cancel unwanted accounts without unwanted charges. When the charge is denied, the service will contact you, and you'll be able to cancel your subscription without paying a dime.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can get a virtual credit card for free, you can do so easily with DoNotPay.

Why Should I Use Donotpay’s Virtual Credit Card to Sign Up for a Hellofresh Free Trial?

  • QUICK: DoNotPay provides you with the details of your virtual credit card expeditiously, allowing you to sign up for free trials as soon as you'd like.
  • EASY: Accessing DoNotPay on the web or through the app is instant, and you can find the information you're looking for easily.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Not only do you not have to worry about unwanted charges coming in from different subscriptions, but you can also be comforted by the fact that your financial information isn't out on another website potentially at risk.


What Else Can Donotpay Do?

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