G2A Phone Verification Required? Let DoNotPay Help

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How to Use a Fake Number for G2A Phone Verification

Users want to know the sites and the apps they visit are secure, however, ensuring personal privacy while visiting these sites is becoming more and more of an issue. The more information required to use a website or an app, the more personal information users expose on the web. All too often, hackers sell their personal information without their knowledge, and/or their data falls into the wrong hands. In the case of G2A, a popular marketplace for gamers, legitimate sellers want to maintain a trustworthy reputation with their clients, and buyers want to ensure their transaction to purchase products is safe from scammers. consumers to give their contact information which was susceptible to privacy concerns.

Why People Use Burner Phones

While players to provide their contact information, some people used burner phones. Using this type of phone is a viable option when a person wants to use a certain site or app without providing their primary phone number to gain access. Some other reasons why a person may use a burner phone include avoiding:

  • Unwanted text messages, spam calls, etc.
  • Stalking situations, (e.g., dating apps).
  • Identity theft.

G2A Phone Verification Required - Why They Ask For It

As with many other marketplaces, G2A asks for phone verification for a variety of reasons. Companies want to protect themselves and consumers from:

“Bot Scams”One such reason why companies such as G2A ask for phone verification is to verify that someone is a legitimate seller of merchandise and not a bot trying to scam information or money from an innocent buyer.
Identity TheftCompanies also want to verify the identity of both buyers and sellers to prevent their accounts from being hacked. G2A phone call verification also helps them in account recovery and restoration.

How to Verify G2A Without a Phone

There are several ways to create an account with G2A without providing them with one 's primary phone number. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Using a fake phone number app.
  • Using the phone number from a burner phone.
  • Creating an account with a fake number from a site such as Google.
  • Use Google Voice.
  • Use the phone number of a friend or relative.
  • Verifying a temporary phone number from DoNotPay.

Potential Issues

The problem with using a fake phone number from an app is that many sites (Twitter is a good example) can detect that the phone number entered is fake (especially from free phone number apps). When a user attempts to enter a number generated from a fake phone number app, they simply reject the phone number and force the user to enter another legitimate number, or they simply can't create an account with the company.

Burner phones can produce a legitimate phone number, however, users must pay for the phone and routinely buy phone minutes for the phone, otherwise, it goes out of service. Using a fake number connected to one's Google account is becoming less of an option since many sites are now sophisticated enough to recognize a Google-generated number. If you've tried verifying your G2A account with a Google number, this could be the reason why you found your G2A phone verification not working as intended.

Using the phone number of a friend or relative is a poor option as well. Many sites require the user to verify their account creation by responding to a text message or phone call sent to the phone number provided. Unless the account creator has immediate access to their relative 's or friend's phone, they can't verify the account creation process and end up being unable to create an account.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Any Service Without a Phone Number

DoNotPay resolves the issues that people have when forced to enter a phone number to create an account. Rather than buying a burner phone, DoNotPay offers temporary burner phone numbers. DoNotPay's temporary phone numbers act as a legitimate phone number. Once created through the DoNotPay app, the legitimate, temporary phone number is only available for 10 minutes -- just enough time to create a G2A account. At the end of its 10-minute lifecycle, the application will deactivate the temporary phone number.

The process to generate a temporary phone number from DoNotPay is as follows:

  1. Download and open an account with the DoNotPay app.
  2. Select the company where you want to create an account, then click on the "Create a temporary number" button.
  3. The DoNotPay app will auto-generate a new burner number to use for the desired company.
  4. When the company sends a verification confirmation to DoNotPay's auto-generated number, DoNotPay will provide the user with a display of the message.
  5. The user can respond to the request, which verifies their new account.
  6. After the account is verified with the temporary number, the user is done. DoNotPay deletes the temporary number after 10 minutes and deletes the text from the company as well.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay offers a wide variety of other helpful services designed to and de-clutter your life from wasteful online hassles. Just some of our services include:

  1. Spam email detection and elimination.
  2. Help for obtaining compensation from annoying robocalls.
  3. How to receive protection from stalking and harassment.

Protect Your Privacy With DoNotPay

A temporary phone number from DoNotPay is a smart option for those who want access to everything the web has to offer, without giving important personal information about themselves. A temporary number from DoNotPay does everything a burner phone does without the hassle of having to buy a second phone and maintain it with routine purchases of minutes. Sign up with DoNotPay and start privately surfing the web today.

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