How to Sign Up for a Free Trial of Spy App Without Submitting Your Credit Card Info

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How to Sign Up for a Free Trial of Spy App Without Submitting Your Credit Card Info

is a background check app that allows users to access hard to find information about persons of interest. It has a large database of information on people obtained from public records. Spy app is useful for screening potential associates, customers, employment candidates, and tenants. While SpyFly is an invaluable app, users sometimes forget to unsubscribe after signing for the free trial, leading to unnecessary charges. DoNotPay offers a virtual credit card that unsubscribes automatically after the free trial.

Does Spy App Offer A Free Trial

offers a 7-days free trial to new users. The trial gives users full access to the platform for 7 days at a trial fee of $1.00 or $2.00. However, if you do not cancel the trial before the end of 7 days, you will be charged $29.97 after the trial period. This means you will have paid the subscription fee for the whole month and will continue to be charged every month until you cancel the service.

How Can I Get a Spy App Free Trial?

Visit the SpyFly website and click on the Log In Here tab. On the Login page, click on the 7 Day Trial tab and register by entering the required information. After entering the personal details, the company automatically sends a registration confirmation email to your email account.

This email contains further instructions together with your Username, Password, and Customer ID. Use the details to create a 7-Day Trial Account that you can cancel before the end of seven days. The registration process requires you to provide credit card info that the company will use to charge subscription fees for the trial.

Does the Spy App Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes. SpyFly automatically charges a monthly membership fee to users immediately after the free trial has expired. The fees are automatically charged on your credit card until you cancel the service. The renewal fee is the current rate for the plan you selected.

If you forget to cancel your free trial on time, you can seek a refund.

  1. Call the customer support reps toll-free at 1-800-831-9235 to inquire about the possibility of a refund.
  2. The company has the discretion to accept or refuse a refund, meaning that there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Many SpyFly subscribers forget to cancel their free trial subscription within 7 days and continue paying for services they don't need. The company will have automatically charged them for several months before they realize that they are paying for the service.

DoNotPay can help subscribers register for a free trial using a virtual credit card instead of a genuine credit card. DNP generates a random number and fictitious credit card info that you can use to register for the service.

Once the free trial expires, the company will not be able to charge you for the service because there is no money on the credit card. In addition, you will get unsubscribed automatically because the company will cancel your subscription. DoNotPay is accessible on your mobile web browser.

How Much Does Spy App Cost After the Free Trial?

SpyFly charges a Monthly Membership Fee of $29.97. However, the charges are subject to changes as the company reserves the right to review charges as may deem necessary. Users also get discounts during promotions that may run for several months. The SpyFly ID Protect membership plan helps members safeguard themselves and their loved ones from harmful persons such as sex offenders. The plan goes for a monthly fee of $1.96.

The 7-day Membership is billed at $2.99 upon registration. It is a one-time service and will be terminated upon the expiry of the subscription.

  1. Monthly Subscription: $29.97
  2. 7-Day Membership: $2.99
  3. SpyFly ID Protect Membership: $1.96

What Will SpyFly’s Charges Look Like on My Statement

  • ACH Transaction - SPYFLY FEES
  • ACH Withdrawal SPYFLY
  • 0282 SUN NXT

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to SpyFly?

Several other companies and apps offer free and subscription-based background check services. Most subscription services offer access to both public and private data. The benefits include free services, better pricing, and easier methods for canceling subscriptions. Here are some of the best alternatives:

Backgroundchecks.orgFreeA large database of public and criminal records

Unlimited searches

Intelius$24.86Sleek visualizations

Intuitive interface

Subscription and single report options

Social network info

More comprehensive search results than competitors

Instant Checkmate $35.12Great search tools

Accurate and instant results

Unlimited reports for subscribers

TruthFinder$28.05Self-monitoring tools

Unlimited number of background checks

Great for finding people

US Search Price$39.95A wide range of search options

Up-to-date information

Comprehensive reports

Free (limited) search results

Been Verified$22.86Great for searching employment candidates

Cheaper than most alternatives

Many search options and filters

What other services does DoNotPay offer?

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