How to Get Filmora Free Trial Securely and Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Filmora Free Trial Securely and Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

Filmora is one of the best pieces of video editing software on the market. Friendly for beginners and useful for professionals, anyone who finds themselves editing videos regularly can benefit from downloading and installing Wondershare Filmora. Of course, the price is a little steep. It costs $90 for a lifetime license or a $62-$110 annual license.

  1. Perpetual Plan
  • $89.99 Lifetime
  1. Annual Plan
  • #61.99 Yearly
  1. Bundle Plan
  • $109.99 Yearly

So is there a free trial for Filmora software? Yes, but not in the way you'd think. DoNotPay is here to help you understand the design and get the best value from your free trial experience.

Does Filmora Offer a Free Trial?

Filmora has a unique free trial designed for creators. At any time, you can download the trial version of the program. This is a fully-functional version of Filmora where you can use all the features and create your films the way you envision them. The only difference is that when the films are exported, the trial version leaves a large branded watermark over the final product, and the paid version does not.

Filmora will let you work on your projects infinitely. But to publish them, you'll need to pay the cost of the software. From there, you can buy a perpetual (permanent) license or a year-on-year license. The perpetual license is almost always the better deal.

How Can I Get a Filmora Free Trial?

Getting a is simple. All you need is to download the free trial version of Wondershare Filmora.

  1. Navigate to the Filmora Video Editor Page
  2. Select the Free Download Button
  3. Download and Install Filmora
  4. Begin Free Trial Video Editing

Of course, if you want to publish the videos you created in Filmora, you'll need to buy the software to get rid of the watermark.

Does the Filmora Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Fortunately, no. Filmora does not put a timer on their free trial. You can experiment with the video editing software for as long as you like without triggering the automatic subscription renewal process.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

The one thing you don't want to do with a Filmora free trial is to launch a monthly subscription. For most creators, the free trial is sufficient until it's time to publish. Then, the perpetual lifetime license is often the better choice for the reasonable and non-repeating cost. If you do wind up with a subscription you need to cancel before it charges, DoNotPay can help.

With a virtual credit card, you can sign up for free trials without the risk of any existing finances being impacted by that after-trial card charge. Virtual credit cards make it possible to truly try a free trial without concern. We can help you swiftly and completely cancel an account to prevent an automatic monthly charge from hitting your account after a free trial concludes. If you need a Wondershare refund after ending your free trial, we can help with that, too.

How Much Does Filmora Cost After the Trial?

Perpetual License
  • $90
  • Plus Filmstock Standard Assets $10
  • Plus AI Portrait Add-on $6
Annual License
  • $62
  • Plus Filmstock Standard Assets $10
  • Plus AI Portrait Add-on $6
Bundle License
  • $110
  • Plus Filmstock Standard Assets $10
  • Plus AI Portrait Add-on $6

When you decide to end your Filmora free trial, you can choose your tier of service and whether to buy a permanent license. Each option has its pros and cons. The perpetual license is the crowd favorite. Filmora reflects its audience with a choice in usage styles. The Bundle license comes with a few extra perks like unlimited downloads from the Filmstock Standard Library and the Annual License is the most flexible.

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