How to Get a FFXIV Chargeback

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How To Get a Hassle-Free FFXIV Refund

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular online role-playing games worldwide, with almost 34 million players. Although it offers some free-to- play content, most of the game is locked behind a subscription fee. You can pay by using a debit or credit card, a game time card, or by using Square Enix's virtual currency.

If you use a credit card, you may be wrongfully charged at some point and need to request a refund or chargeback.

DoNotPay offers a variety of services to people who require their hard-earned money back, including managing wrongful charges for subscriptions.

Disputing Transactions: Chargebacks vs Refunds

People are often confused about the difference between chargeback and refunds. Both are pathways for consumers to dispute unauthorized transactions. Here's a breakdown of the key differences:

RefundsRefunds are processed and funded directly by merchants. This may require consumers to provide documentation and/or contact difficult customer support teams. Seeking a refund can be a slow option and it can take several business days for monies to be deposited.
ChargebacksChargebacks are processed by the bank or card issuer directly and serve to protect consumers from fraudulent charges. Every financial institution has its own system and timeline for processing chargebacks, but all chargeback policies protect consumer cash.

FFXIV Refund Policy

Square Enix's Rule and Policies page states that all FFXIV subscription charges are non-refundable unless:

  • Suspicious activity is discovered on your account (such as stolen credit cards or login credentials)
  • The charge was made during a free trial period
  • The game's server has been down for an extended period of time (however, this is usually refunded in the form of free in-game days or items)

Square Enix doesn 't offer refunds if you stop playing in the middle of a billing cycle. Additionally, Square Enix warns that it may change FFXIV's billing terms at any time. This may cause you to be charged sooner than expected.

You also incur accidental charges if you forget to cancel your free trial before the subscription renews automatically. To prevent this from happening, we recommend getting a DoNotPay virtual credit card.

It works like a regular credit card, but it generates a set of random numbers for each free trial. DoNotPay virtual credit cards automatically cancel subscriptions at the end of a free trial and won't approve additional subscription fees. These cards can't hold any money, so your banking information is always protected.

How To Get a FFXIV Refund on Your Own

Square Enix allows you to cancel your FFXIV subscription at any time through your account page. You can also try to get a refund by contacting Square Enix customer support by using:


You can inquire about FFXIV refunds through email at any time of the day or week. However, if you send a support ticket outside of normal business hours, it may take longer to get a response. Factors out of your control, like high support request volume, can also draw out the refund process.


The Square Enix chatbot is only available during the week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. As with email support, your refund request might be delayed if there are too many players using the chatbot. In contrast, DoNotPay contacts your bank immediately to expedite the chargeback process.

How Long Will It Take To Receive FFXIV Refund?

Square Enix typically only issues refunds for the original payment method. Refunds for debit or credit cards vary by bank, but it usually takes 7-10 business days. If it takes longer, you may want to contact your bank for additional information.

Issues Related to FFXIV Refund Requests

You should only initiate an FFXIV chargeback if you have reasonable evidence. If you issue a chargeback to Square Enix by yourself, your FFXIV account will likely be terminated. You'll lose all of your FFXIV data as well as any data from other game subscriptions on your account.

Some users on Reddit had success recovering their accounts if:

  • This was only the first chargeback offense
  • They repaid the chargeback and signed a consenting document
  • It was an error on behalf of the card issuer

It's easier to use DoNotPay for all chargebacks and avoid all these potential headaches. DoNotPay collects every piece of evidence and works closely with both merchants and banks, assuring them that your claims are legitimate.

Where Can You Check the Status of Your Refund Request?

You can check on the status of your support ticket on your FFXIV account or by replying to the support email. You can also contact at any time for a status update.

How To Get a FFXIV Refund With DoNotPay

With DoNotPay, you never have to worry about repeated fraudulent charges or endless hours on hold with tech support. To file a chargeback for any transaction, simply create a DoNotPay account and follow these steps:

1. Select the 'File a Chargeback' option and confirm the charged credit card.

2. Confirm the name of your bank and the bank's address.

3. Confirm the name of the merchant, the charge's cost, and the date of the transaction.

4. Review your case by answering a few questions, like if your card was stolen or someone else in your household made the charge.

After you 've verified a few personal details, DoNotPay will:

1. Fax your request to your bank directly

2. Provide the bank with a list of valid reasons why you've been charged in error. This will help you win your case quickly!

3. Contact the merchant for additional evidence, if needed

What Else Can DoNotPay Do For You?

There 's no reason to be intimidated by big business! With DoNotPay's 'File a Chargeback' product, you can also dispute a transaction from any of these companies:

With options like virtual credit cards that help you avoid fees after free trials, along with a wide variety of simplified refund and dispute services, DoNotPay is the proven way to level the playing field for the consumer.

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