File FedEx Complaints in Less Than Five Minutes

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How To File FedEx Complaints Fast and Easy With DoNotPay

One of the main complaints that FedEx receives yearly is that the company neglects its customers during certain times, mostly from 10 am—6 pm on Mondays or when there is inclement weather, such as snow or heavy rainfall.

Another common complaint is that FedEx is late with packages or delivers them at times that are inconvenient for the customer and does not leave a notice, but it is also complained about not leaving any indication of actually having delivered something.

Regardless of what your issue with this delivery service might be, this article will show you how to get in touch with FedEx customer support.

In case you can’t reach the FedEx Complaint Department or the company’s representatives can’t or won’t help you with your issue, we'll also show you how to file a complaint against FedEx and take the company to small claims court if necessary.

How To Reach the FedEx Complaint Department

The FedEx Complaint Department is an avenue of inquiry where customers can air their grievances about problems that they have faced with the company.

For example, if you haven’t received your package, although it is marked as "delivered" by FedEx and they are unable to find it in the sorting facility, you can file a complaint with FedEx customer service. Alternatively, you can read our guide on FedEx late delivery refunds to learn how you can get your money back fuss-free with DoNotPay.

FedEx customer service is available 24/7. You are able to call them with any questions about your package delivery, your account, and anything else that might be related to the services the delivery company provides.

The average response time for customer service, if you're in the United States of America, is about 14 minutes. If you're outside the country, it’s closer to 42 minutes.

FedEx doesn’t provide an email address, but you can visit the Customer Support page on the company’s website and submit your question through the virtual assistant (effectively emailing the FedEx office). The page also includes links to other useful resources that will help you track your package, stay up to date with service alerts, and more.

How To Contact FedEx Customer Support
Customer Support Page
Contact Us Page With Contact Information for Various Inquiries
U.S. Customer Service Phone Number1-800-463-3339
FedEx Help Center
TwitterFedEx Help

How To File a FedEx Driver Complaint

If your package has been damaged, wasn't delivered, or was delivered to the wrong address, you can file a complaint against a FedEx driver by calling the customer support number for your area.

The same goes for filing a report against any FedEx employee. There is no special form you can fill out to file a complaint with FedEx in the U.S., so your only option is to go the standard route and try to reach the company’s customer service.

When filing a report against an employee with the company’s customer service representatives, make sure to provide the following information:

  • The Area where the offense happened—if you're not sure, you can always find out which ZIP code the driver delivers in
  • The details of the incident—including information such as date and time of the occurrence (if known), address where it occurred (if you're able to provide that info), and a description of what actually happened
  • The name of the employee who committed the offense, along with their contact information (if available)

How To File a FedEx Tracking Number Error Complaint

If there was an error with the information contained in your tracking number, you can also file a complaint against FedEx by heading over to the Contact Us page.

When submitting your question or issue via the virtual assistant, you will need to provide your name, the tracking number that was provided to you, and a description of what type of error you've found.

If there was a mistake made about the delivery date or time that is indicated on your tracking number, complaints must also be filed within 10 business days from the date that you received your package.

If the package was delivered by FedEx 2-Day or Overnight, complaints must also be filed within 10 business days from when FedEx promised it would be delivered.

There are also instances where the package never arrived. If the company’s customer service isn’t helpful in solving the issue, you can file a FedEx lost package claim with DoNotPay in seconds.

How To Send Demand Letters To FedEx in Small Claims Court

If you are not able to get in touch with customer service after weeks, or if they’re unable to resolve your issue, you can take the company to small claims court.

This option has been brought up by many people who had had issues with this delivery service and did not feel like they were given justice when they filed complaints with FedEx.

Apart from calling customer service repeatedly, you should document what you've been going through with FedEx. Save all letters or emails that you received from the company's representatives in order to illustrate your case against FedEx.

You should also gather all receipts that they have from dealing with the company as well as any other important evidence that would help them to win if they decided to take the delivery service to court.

In order to send demand letters to FedEx in small claims court, you first need to get a copy of the company's rules and regulations about small claims court, in case you have not seen them already.

Writing a Demand Letter

If you’re intent on suing FedEx, the first step in the process is to draft and serve a demand letter. The letter indicates your intent to send demand letters to while also giving the company an opportunity to rectify the issue and repair any damages they've caused you before getting the court involved.

The demand letter should include the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number, fax number, and other contact information
  • The company's full name and address (including the zip code)
  • Your account information with the company (account numbers and customer ID numbers)
  • A description of the issue you're having with the company
  • The date on which you mailed or sent them this letter

It is best to send the demand letter either using the company’s certified or registered mail. FedEx will have a certain timeframe for responding to your complaint. If they do not accept responsibility or reject the demand, you can proceed to send demand letters to them.

You can do so by visiting a local small claims court and asking the court clerk to provide you with the information and the necessary forms you'll need to fill out to legally start the process.

You'll also need to contact the company in order to find out if they've filed any objections against you by going over the documentation they sent you, if they have responded to your demand letter.

How To Send Demand Letters To FedEx in Small Claims Court the Easy Way—With the Help From DoNotPay

If you’re confused by the complex procedures but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on lawyers to take FedEx to small claims court, DoNotPay is the perfect alternative!

With DoNotPay, you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy or spend weeks putting together and filing highly technical documents.

Our award-winning app can help you send demand letters to FedEx in small claims court by generating a demand letter or a complaint letters for you in minutes!

Here’s how you can file a claim against FedEx in a few easy steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your and select the Complaint Letters product
  2. Tell us if you’re owed any money by the company
  3. Select a reason for your lawsuit
  4. Answer several questions from our Ai-powered chatbot
  5. Provide any evidence that will help us build your case

The process takes less than five minutes! You can sit back and relax, while DoNotPay emails a demand letter to FedEx on your behalf, putting pressure on them to resolve your issue.

The app will also help you fill out the necessary complaint letterss, so if FedEx doesn’t respond or doesn’t take responsibility, you take the case to small claims court.

How To File a Complaint Against FedEx with the Better Business Bureau

If you are a FedEx customer and you have had a problem with the company, another option at your disposal is to file an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is an important part of how companies operate. A company can lose their reputation and business if they have many complaints filed against them by their customers.

The Bureau serves as a neutral third party for complaints between businesses and consumers but cannot force FedEx to take any action.

They will document all of the customer service problems that have been reported to them about a business in order to determine if they should be accredited, certified, or boycotted.

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