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Quickly Contact Governor DeSantis the Easy Way

Governor Ron DeSantis is the 46th elected governor of the state of Florida. This article will go over how you can get your complaints or issues to the office of the governor in a few steps using .

Governor Ron DeSantis Biography

Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis (1978 - ) is Florida's 46th governor first elected in 2019. He is currently the youngest of all current governors in the US. Before becoming governor, DeSantis served as a US Congress representative of Florida's 6th congressional district for five years.

Governor DeSantis was born in Jacksonville, Florida. He went to Dunedin High school, earned a bachelor’s at Yale University, and completed a Juris Doctor program at Harvard Law.

Governor DeSantis is:

  • Pro-Medical Marijuana
  • Anti-Gun control

Contact Governor DeSantis

Here are the current contact details of the office of the governor of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis:

Office AddressOffice of Governor Ron DeSantis

State of Florida

The Capitol

400 S. Monroe St.

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Phone Number (850) 717-9337
Social MediaFacebook




More Florida representatives

DoNotPay helps residents of Florida get in contact with senators, congressmen, and other government representatives from Florida. Here are the most frequently contacted representatives:

Florida Government Officials Office Held
The current serving lieutenant governor of the state of Florida.
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What Can Governor Santis Help With?

Floridians have become more politically conscious over the last few years, demanding that their voice be heard before, during, and even after elections. Here are some of the common requests that the governor of Florida helps residents with. You can contact Governor DeSantis to help:

  1. Report case of corruption, waste, workplace, or domestic abuse
  2. Request a record of the government budget, spending, or allocation
  3. Carry out state notarial and apostille services from sub-agencies under the office of the governor
  4. Request and formalize adoption processes within Florida state laws
  5. Apply for governor internship positions
  6. Request contact to state agencies and state directories
  7. Tender complaints or feedback reports about government executive orders
  8. Request the governor to be present at your event
  9. Volunteer for military and service in Florida
  10. Suggest or propose elements of a bill addressing issues within Florida
  11. Request a flag

Having Trouble Contacting Governor DeSantis?

Do kindly note that your private mail becomes public once you use it to send a message to the office of the governor or any other Florida legislature. This means your mail becomes classified as a public record. Florida also requires that you send in your message formally for clarity and proper documentation.

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