How to File a KFC Complaint the Easy Way

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File Complaints About KFC Fast

Complaints shouldn't be the norm for a business, but they do happen. No matter how big or small of a customers have, DoNotPay can help them get filed properly. You should speak with the business manager or owner first before escalating to additional departments.

When you're ready to make the process even further and send demand letters to, DoNotPay is here to assist you. It doesn't often escalate this far, but it can if necessary. DoNotPay is on your side either way.

Start By Reaching Out to KFC Yourself

The complaint you have should be directed to the location where it stemmed from. The same applies no matter if you're complaining about something happening at your local Starbucks or from a fast food place like KFC or Taco Bell. If that doesn't work, you'll need to reach out to corporate.

Ways to Contact KFC Customer Support


Mail1441 Gardiner LN

Louisville, KY 40213

Try Their Social Media Accounts

You also have the option of posting on KFC's social media accounts and tagging them. You can comment on their posts or even send a message. Writing your complaint on a public forum is a great option for getting assistance fast. Most businesses do not want other potential customers to see your complaint and let your situation deter them from using their services.

Reach out to KFC on their socials, such as:

You can even express your concerns about KFC on Reddit, although it isn't an official page for the company.

Express Your KFC Concerns With Other Interested Parties

If the customer service team you contacted did not handle your situation the way you hoped, you could always express your concerns to additional parties. Write to the FTC and BBB and let them know about your grievance with KFC.

The Federal Trade Commission

The FTC allows you to report scams, fraud, and poor business practices. You will need to:

  • Indicate your reasoning for making the report.
  • Report details about the amount of money you spent and the date the incident occurred.
  • Offer details about the company, and the employee's name who served you, if applicable.
  • Provide additional information about the business if you have it, including their contact details.
  • Leave a full, detailed description of your experience and how you have not been helped.

The Better Business Bureau

The BBB allows you to report KFC complaints or leave a review for others to see. Leaving a review indicates you are not attempting to find further resolution with the company, and you simply want to let others know about your experience. If you're hoping the BBB will help you find a solution, you need to make a formal complaint.

  1. Click "File a complaint."
  2. Find KFC Corporation in Louisville, KY.
  3. Answer some yes or no questions.
  4. Provide your contact information.
  5. Express your concerns about KFC in as much detail as possible.
  6. Submit your report.

Be aware that the BBB will not allow complaints to be filed if there is a current court case. If you plan on suing, avoid using this method until after your hearing has commenced.

Start the Small Claims Court Process

The court is the last resort when your complaint goes unhandled. Minor situations aren't normally handled through court. You have to have a significant grievance to take it this far, like someone at Chipotle putting bugs in your food or your KFC to-go bag having a needle inside.

If you feel you're owed compensation and your complaint has fallen on deaf ears, start the small claims court process.

First, you'll need to send a demand letter to KFC expressing your desire to do so, giving them time to respond. Hopefully, the demand letter will finally be what it takes to have them handle the situation.

DoNotPay is here to help file the demand letter for you or start the filing process after the letter sees no response.

Send Demand Letters To KFC With DoNotPay's Help

No matter the type of customers are making, DoNotPay is here to help. We'll get the process started for you, so you don't have to handle it on your own.

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and select the Complaint Letters product.

  2. Tell us how much you are owed by the company, if applicable.

  3. Select the reason for your lawsuit.

  4. Provide details about why you're filing the lawsuit including photographic proof and other important information.

And that’s all. Let DoNotPay take it from here.

Does DoNotPay Help With Other Complaints?

Absolutely! DoNotPay helps you handle complaints about any company and situations in your own neighborhood. We'll help you file a complaint against:

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