Cancel ZampleBox With a Few Clicks

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How to Cancel ZampleBox Subscription?

ZampleBox is a monthly subscription service that offers boxes of premium e-juice suited to their customer's personal flavor preference.

If you changed your mind about this online vape retailer, you could cancel it within minutes using DoNotPay.

Cancel Zamplebox With DoNotPay

The fastest way to get out of your ZampleBox subscription is with DoNotPay. Just follow these steps, and we will help you cancel your account:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Scroll down and click on the Find Hidden Money tab
  3. Type in ZampleBox as the name of the service

Once you complete the steps, you only need to wait for the confirmation that your account is canceled.

DoNotPay is an excellent virtual assistant because it can find and deactivate all the subscriptions you don't use.

To do this, just connect your bank account or email address to DoNotPay, and our app will track down every subscription you are paying for. Then simply use the app to cancel those you don't need anymore.

Cancel ZampleBox by Yourself

Additional methods you can use to cancel your ZampleBox subscription include:

Can You Cancel With

Yes / No










How to Cancel ZampleBox Online?

Here is how to deactivate your ZampleBox subscription through your account:

  1. Go to the ZampleBox website
  2. Click Log In in the top right corner
  3. Scroll down until you reach My Info Box
  4. Click Cancel this membership link under the My Info Box
  5. Select your reason for canceling or click Continue when the next page loads
  6. Click Continue to conclude your cancelation

How to Cancel ZampleBox Over the Phone?

You can cancel you ZampleBox account over the phone by calling the customer support at 650-437-9269

How to Cancel ZampleBox via Email?

If you encounter any problems with other methods, you can always send your cancelation request to

What Are Some Alternative Services to ZampleBox?

Some of the popular choices are:




Vape Box

$20 - $60 per month

  • A variety of products
  • Includes subscription plan products and individual items



  • Offers e-juice, coils, batteries, and cartridges
  • Delivery every seven days, every fifteen days, and every month

Mig Vapor


  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly delivery
  • No extra charge to have the items delivered. You only pay for the product

Does My ZampleBox Membership Renew Automatically?

Zamplebox will automatically renew your subscription and charge your credit card each month.

Can I Take a Break From My ZampleBox Membership?

ZampleBox lets you pause your membership by skipping one month without canceling your subscription. Take note that if you make this change on or after the day your subscription renews, it will not apply in time to stop that renewal from happening.

Am I Eligible for a Prorated Refund When I Cancel My Subscription?

ZampleBox doesn't issue prorated refunds for the unused membership time.

Is There a Free Trial Month With ZampleBox?

ZampleBox doesn't include a standard free trial period in their offer, but they sometimes have promotional periods during which new users can sign up for free or get a discount price.

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