How To Cancel Hunt a Killer Subscription

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To Kill a Membership—How To Cancel Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer is a murder mystery game subscription that features monthly boxes of clues and evidence. One game is played over six episodes, with one box sent to the player or players every month.

If you subscribed to the game and feel that the novelty has worn off, you might be thinking about switching to another game. At this point, you run into the biggest mystery of them all—how to cancel your Hunt a Killer subscription.

The company isn’t known for cooperating with cancellation requests. Their website’s cancel function doesn’t always work, and their customer support team is slow to respond to inquiries.

How To Cancel Hunt a Killer

The Hunt a Killer FAQ page states that you can cancel a subscription by:

  1. Using the cancel function on your account page
  2. Sending an email to the customer support team

How To Cancel Hunt a Killer on the Website

Here’s how you cancel Hunt a Killer on your account page:

  1. Log in to your Hunt a Killer account
  2. Go to Manage Subscriptions
  3. Click on Cancel Plan next to your subscription

How To Cancel Hunt a Killer Using Email

You can also contact their customer support team and request that they cancel your membership manually. Follow these steps to cancel:

  1. Compose an email requesting that your subscription is canceled
  2. Include relevant account information to confirm your identity
  3. Send it to

You can use these methods to cancel Hunt a Killer:

Can I Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonNo

Can I Pause My Hunt a Killer Membership?

You can put your Hunt a Killer subscription on hold for a particular amount of time. Follow these steps to pause your subscription:

  1. Logging into your Hunt a Killer account
  2. Navigating to Manage Subscriptions
  3. Pressing Pause Plan
  4. Choosing either the 30-day or 90-day pause plan

During this period, you won’t be billed for the service. Once the time is up, your subscription will resume, and the company will start billing you again.

DoNotPay Will Cancel Hunt a Killer and Save You the Trouble

When you decide it’s time to move on from this murder mystery box, DoNotPay will help you unsubscribe. Our app can solve the mystery of how to cancel a Hunt a Killer subscription. It was DoNotPay, in the app, with the Find Hidden Money feature. It’s the quickest and most straightforward way to cancel a subscription. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay from your
  2. Go to the Find Hidden Money tab
  3. Type in Hunt a Killer and confirm

DoNotPay will kill the subscription in its tracks and leave no evidence behind. Once we cancel Hunt a Killer, you won’t have to worry about their bills coming back to haunt you.

Speaking of ghost bills, small paid subscriptions tend to go unnoticed. When you sign up for something and forget, you’re still paying for it. That’s why the average American spends around $350 on services that they don’t use.

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Find Another Mystery Game To Play Instead

Plenty of games out there are just as fun as Hunt a Killer but don’t come with “difficult to unsubscribe from” DLC. Have a look at a few other subscription mystery games that might pique your interest:

Deadbolt Mystery Society$21.67 per month
  • Packs contain a standalone case that you can solve immediately
  • Immersive and interactive components
Finders Seekers $25 per month
  • Complex problem-solving puzzles and message decoding
  • Diverse settings and characters

DoNotPay Solves All Kinds of Problems

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