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Cancel Chaturbill in two minutes or less

Chaturbill lets merchants accept customers’ online payments and facilitates electronic transactions.

How to cancel Chaturbill on your own

There are a few methods at your disposal once you decide to cancel your Chaturbill subscription.

Can you cancel withYes/No

How to cancel Chaturbill online

  1. Go to the Chaturbill site
  2. Select “Cancel Subscription”
  3. Fill in the form that will open in a new tab
  4. Click on “Submit a request”

How to cancel Chaturbill by email

  1. Send an email to
  2. Request membership cancelation

How to cancel Chaturbill over the phone

  1. Call 1 (800) 380-5793 or 1 (877) 338-7047
  2. Ask the operator to close your account

If you don’t want to wait in a phone queue, DoNotPay can help you right away.

We can close your Chaturbill account faster than others

If you don’t feel like waiting in phone queues or writing emails, let DoNotPay cancel Chaturbill for you. Our app makes membership cancelations possible in less than two minutes. Follow these simple instructions, and you can end your Chaturbill subscription in no time.

  1. Start DoNotPay on your
  2. Select “Find Hidden Money”
  3. Write “Chaturbill” as the company whose services you wish to stop using

You will get a confirmation email from us as soon as your cancelation has become effective.

Will you pay for the entire billing cycle after you unsubscribe?

No, you will not. Chaturbill will stop charging you as soon as you’ve canceled the membership.

Start any free trial with virtual banking information

Did you know that you don’t have to use your credit card to sign up for free trials? That is right. DoNotPay can generate a virtual credit card that will allow you to enjoy any service that offers such trials. Put in a random address, name, and billing info, and test out the company for the set number of days. You won’t have to cancel the membership before the trial expires since it will be impossible for the company to renew it automatically.

Do you wish to send demand letters to Chaturbill? Let us assist you

Chaturbill may cause you trouble at some point in your relationship with this service. If that happens, DoNotPay will be ready to help out. Our app works as a AI Consumer Champion that aims to assist you in all your disputes with digital companies. We are always there to ensure that justice is served, and we can help you send demand letters to Chaturbill in small claims court. For our successful efforts, the American Bar Association has even honored us with the Louis M. Brown Award.

Are you looking for some Chaturbill alternatives? Check these out!

There are many companies that offer the same services as Chaturbill. Here are the top three alternatives:

  • Visa registration: $500 a year
  • MasterCard registration: $500 a year
  • Easily adaptable to different business models
  • A great variety of billing options
  • MasterCard and VBV Secure Code
  • Yearly registration fees from $500 to $1,000, depending on the business in question
  • Monthly payments start at $10.00
  • Suitable for different risk categories
  • An exclusive feature called “CCBill Pay”
  • Access to marketing tools
  • Support for both businesses and consumers
InstabillDepends on the business; inquire at 1-800-530-2444
  • Free account setup for merchants
  • Mobile payments
  • Many reliable banking partners

DoNotPay can keep track of your subscriptions and prevent unnecessary expenses

Most Americans are not aware of the amount they are spending on online memberships every month. In fact, 84% underestimate their spendings. They tend to subscribe to various services and forget about them eventually. Our app can prevent this problem. If you link your credit card and email with DoNotPay, we will be able to monitor your digital subscriptions. Once it is obvious you have stopped using a service, such as Chaturbill, we will suggest you cancel it.

What else can our app do for you?

There are several benefits our DoNotPay users can enjoy. Besides canceling Chaturbill, we can also make your experience as a customer better, and help resolve some of your issues. You can rely on us to help with:

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