How To Cancel Zillow Fast

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How To Cancel Zillow With No Hassle

Zillow is an online real estate database and marketplace. Although it offers services for purchasing, selling, financing, renting, and other real estate information you might find useful, receiving a lot of emails from them can be a burden sometimes.

When you’re tired of fighting off emails you don’t need and decide to unsubscribe from Zillow, DoNotPay is here to help you.

Would You Like DoNotPay To Cancel Zillow for You?

When you don’t need any more information on real estate, and you’ve decided to cancel your Zillow subscription, DoNotPay can finish everything for you fast. The app simplifies the whole process and saves you tons of time.

When you’re ready, you can initiate the procedure by:

  1. Opening DoNotPay in your
  2. Choosing Find Hidden Money
  3. Typing in Zillow

Upon completing these simple steps, DoNotPay will take over the task from you, and the app will notify you the moment it unsubscribes you from Zillow.

Can You Unsubscribe From Zillow Yourself?

Yes, you can do it by yourself. You can unsubscribe from Zillow by:

  1. Accessing your Zillow account
  2. Contacting Zillow’s customer care
  3. Sending an online request via its website

Cancel Your Zillow Subscription via Your Account

Follow these steps to unsubscribe from Zillow:

  1. Sign in to your Zillow account
  2. Click the profile icon in the upper corner
  3. Go to Account Settings
  4. Click on Profile
  5. Click on Deactivate Account
  6. Choose a reason for deactivation
  7. Confirm the request by selecting Deactivate Account

Unsubscribe From Zillow by Getting in Touch With Its Customer Care

Ask Zillow to cancel your subscription service by:

Send an Online Request

If you’d like to cancel Zillow by yourself, here’s another way to do it:

  1. Submit a request on Zillow’s help center page
  2. Select who you are from the drop-down menu
  3. Fill in the required data
Can You Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonNo
Company Website Yes

Does Zillow’s Free Trial Auto-Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, it does. Make sure to cancel your free trial 24 hours before the trial period ends.

DoNotPay’s Virtual Card Ends All Your Free Trials

You’d probably like to test a service or an app you’re interested in before you start paying for it. This is when you’ll be asked to leave your card’s details and, in most cases, trials automatically become recurring subscriptions that you might forget to cancel.

Make sure all your ongoing trials end and you’re not charged for subscriptions you won’t be using. Use DoNotPay’s virtual credit card or virtual credit card generator instead of your card for all free trials. This card protects you by:

  • Generating a random card number
  • Approving the free trial on a company’s billing page
  • Not approving subscriptions or any charges
  • Canceling subscriptions for you

You can now stop fussing over potential charges as there won’t be any—DoNotPay terminates all ongoing trials before they turn into subscriptions.

What Do Zillow’s Charges Look Like on My Bank Statement?

Zillow’s charges should be visible on your statements in one of the following ways:


Potential Problems You Might Face When You Cancel Your Zillow Account

Deactivating your Zillow account doesn’t mean your data will also be deleted. You can request to delete your data on the website.

You should be aware that Zillow will keep your data or account active in case of:

  • Ongoing business activities
  • Recent business activities
  • Pending archive requests
  • Other business matters

DoNotPay Can Help You Send Demand Letters To Zillow

If you find Zillow challenging to deal with, DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to the company. If matters become too much for you to handle, let DoNotPay resolve problems for you—it’s had a lot of success in small claims court.

You can check out how DoNotPay helps its users send demand letters to giants such as United Airlines and Uber.

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What Additional Services Does DoNotPay Offer?

Handling your free trials, subscriptions, and lawsuits aren’t the only services DoNotPay can provide. It can help you resolve lots of issues—from parking tickets problems, email spam, and refund requests to clinical trials applications.

Open DoNotPay in your , browse through DoNotPay’s services, and select the one that’s the best fit for you:

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