How to Get a Zwift Free Trial Without a Credit Card

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How to Get a Zwift Free Trial Without a Credit Card

Zwift is an innovative virtual workout platform. When paired with a stationary bicycle, treadmill, members can participate in virtual sport events and races with digital characters and live friends. Build up points from working out with the platform and achieve your goals one workout session at a time. Zwift is a great idea for exercise, immersing members in an entertaining digital world while focusing on fitness excellence. But is it right for you?

Like anything new, it's important to know when to try before you buy. Fortunately, there is a pretty great so you can get started and decide if Zwift is right for you.

How do you get the Zwift free trial? How do you make sure the trial stays free if you don't want to subscribe? DoNotPay can help you every step of the way.

Does Zwift Offer a Free Trial?

Did you know that Zwift offers two types of free trial? There's the quick-start experience and the sign-up 7 day free trial, and you can have both if you know what to do. They offer two different free trial experiences:

  • Pre-Login 25km on the App
  • Account Creation 7-Day Free Trial

Getting Started: Free 25km on Mobile

The first type of free trial is a quick-start feature that is great for onboarding new Zwift members. If you download the Zwift app, you can get started running or biking right away. Your app, without a login, will provide up to 25km, or 15.5 mi, of engaging exercise in the Zwift immersive virtual world so you can see if Zwift is right for you without getting off your elliptical machine to make an account.

Sign-Up 7 Day Zwift Free Trial

Once you've run down the 25km that comes complimentary with your Zwift download, it's time to make an account. Zwift offers a 7-day free trial for every new user account. This means you will not be charged for Zwift until 7 or 8 days after your initial account creation. Cancel any time during that first week to avoid being charged for your time exercising with Zwift.

How Can I Get a Zwift Free Trial?

How do you access your ? The process is simple and easy to do.

Open the App

  1. Download Zwift from your app store
  2. Install and open the Zwift app
  3. Get Started!

Sign Up for Zwift

  1. Register a new Zwift account
  • Online or through the mobile app
  1. Activate the 7-day free trial
  2. Enjoy Zwift for a week
  3. Cancel or continue as you see fit

Does the Zwift Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes. The Zwift free trial is the type that renews with an automatic first monthly payment. This is standard for most free trial models, especially the quick try-out type as Zwift has provided. If you do not cancel your Zwift account before the 7-day free trial is complete, you will be charged for the first month of Zwift membership.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Want to try out Zwift but don't want to risk that end-of-trial charge? DoNotPay has the perfect solution. If you were ever bothered by having to give your payment information to sign up for a free trial, you're not alone. DoNotPay determined the best solution to not-free trials is a virtual credit card.

A virtual credit card is a randomly generated string of numbers that will be accepted as a valid card when submitted to (but not charged by) an online vendor. In other words, you can enter a dummy card when signing up for your free trial. Because the card is not connected to any financial account, however, that end-of-trial charge will bounce. You won't be charged and your subscription won't begin - unless you like Zwift so much that you choose to change your payment type before the last day.

With a free virtual credit card, you can protect yourself from post-trial expenses and keep free trials truly free.

How Much Does Zwift Cost After the Trial?

What will happen if you don't use a virtual credit card or cancel before your trial expires? You will be charged with a month of Zwift membership. Zwift costs $15 a month and each month is paid upfront for a month of virtual access and participation.

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