Sign Up For A ZoomInfo Free Trial With A Virtual Credit Card

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Sign Up For ZoomInfo Free Trial In 3 Steps

Whether you are in sales and marketing, or a headhunter, it pays to access various data forms. You can leverage this data in lead generation, developing contact lists, and getting the best talent for your business.

That is where ZoomInfo comes in. ZoomInfo provides access to a database containing valuable information about individuals from various professions and brands across the board.

But did you know that you can sign up for a ? Find out how, with DoNotPay.

Does ZoomInfo Offer a Free Trial?

ZoomInfo has a free that runs for 14 days, after which you are supposed to terminate the service a few hours before the expiration date. Otherwise, be ready to start paying for the services.

If you are not ready to subscribe to any of their paid tiers, you can access the service, albeit with limited features.

How to Access Your ZoomInfo Free Trial?

If you feel ZoomInfo is the right vendor for you, you can test the waters by signing up for a 14-day free trial. Just follow these steps to register:

  1. Navigate your website to ZoomInfo
  2. Enter the required information, including your full name, business email, phone number, and job title.
  3. Click the sign-up button
  4. Relax and wait for ZoomInfo sales reps to get back to you with further instructions

Ensure to use a business email, preferably from a self-hosted or business domain, instead of a free domain email address, since the latter does not apply.

Does the ZoomInfo Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, it does. If you fail or forget to terminate before the 14 days lapse, the free trial will automatically renew into a paid subscription.

The standard ZoomInfo billing cycle starts from 12 months, meaning you will be paying for a service you might not need for a whole year.

Worse still, their terms and conditions state you have to cancel the paid subscription 60 days before the expiry; otherwise, you will face another automatic renewal

Unfortunately, forgetting to terminate your free trial before the 14 days expire doesn't guarantee you a refund.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Circumstances such as lack of time or being human can make you forget to cancel the ZoomInfo free trial or paid subscriptions. Unfortunately, you will start/continue paying for a service you no longer need or do not favor.

Enter DoNotPay free virtual credit card. This card is designed specifically to facilitate online transactions, such as paying for subscriptions. Using our virtual credit card generator will get you a unique, random, and temporary credit card number to help you in your payments.

The best of it, this virtual credit card isn't connected to your bank accounts. It doesn't have any money attached to it and can be programmed to make a one-time payment, making it ideal when signing up for free trials.

If you forget to terminate your ZoomInfo free trial or paid subscription, the vendor will be unable to charge your card, forcing them to close your account.

Remember these two points:

  1. The virtual credit card doesn’t have any money “on” it, and has no credit limit. Zoominfo cannot charge you for a subscription.
  2. Furthermore, the card works great to minimize security risks such as data breaches, theft, and fraudulent payments.

How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost After the Trial?

Once your ZoomInfo free trial expires, you'll have to switch to a paid subscription if you wish to continue enjoying the vendor's services.

While you'll have to contact their sales reps to discuss pricing, here is the latest pricing models and features included:

PlanCostBenefits and Features
  • 5000 Bulk Data Credits
  • Reach Out Chrome Extension
  • Direct Phone and Verified Email Addresses
  • Integrations
  • All Pro package features
  • 1000 Monthly Data Credits/User
  • Technologies
  • WebSights
  • Mobile Phone and Personal Email Addresses
  • Org Charts
  • Scoops
  • Locations and Hierarchy
  • Six Intent Topics (Weekly Results)
  • All Advanced tier features
  • Attributes
  • Workflows

In addition to these subscription tiers, ZoomInfo has various product and data add-ons, additional bulk data credits, and additional user costs.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to ZoomInfo?

You might feel you need to switch to a different platform after the expiration of the ZoomInfo free trial. Luckily, here are some ZoomInfo alternatives you can consider:

ProviderFree Trial PeriodCost (After trial period)
Mattermark14 days
  • Standard: $49/user permonth
  • Pro: $500/user per month (yearly basis)
  • Enterprise – contact their sales reps to discuss pricing
Uplead7 days
  • Essentials – $74/month or $890/year
  • Plus – $149/month or $1,790/year
  • Professional – $299/monthy or $3,590/year
LinkedIn Sales Navigator30 days
  • Core – $99.99/month or $959.88/year
  • Advanced – $159.99/month or $1,500/year
  • Advanced Plus – get in touch with their sales rep to discuss pricing
Lead 4117 days
  • Basic – $99/month or $900/year
  • Pro – $900/month or $1,800/year
  • Enterprise – contact their sales rep to discuss pricing
LushaHas a free trial/ starter available for one user with limited functionality
  • Pro (three users): $79/month
  • Premium (five users): $199/month
  • Enterprise (built to scale): contact sales reps to discuss pricing

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Short answer: bucket loads! There's much more than setting up a ZoomInfo free trial. DoNotPay is a modern platform with numerous capabilities, all geared towards making your life comfortable.

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