How to Get a Cisco Webex Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get a Cisco Webex Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

At home or at work, communication is key. It helps you build and maintain relationships and tackle tasks together efficiently. Sometimes a text will do, while other times you'll need a phone call. To get everyone on the same page quickly, it might even help to have people virtually looking over your shoulder. If you need a platform that can support your family's holiday get-togethers just as well as your conference calls, Webex is worth trying, and you can with DoNotPay.

What Webex Features Do I Get with a Free Trial?

Webex offers five different plans:

  1. Webex Suite - Basic
  2. Call Plan
  3. Meet Plan
  4. Webex Suite - Business (Combines the features of the Call and Meet Plans)
  5. Webex Suite - Enterprise

Webex Suite - Basic

The Webex Suite - Basic is always available for free. You do not need to provide credit card information to sign up. Like many communications platforms, Webex limits the length of your meetings with their free offering. You can always start another meeting immediately after one ends, but it's inconvenient both for you as the host and your attendees.

In the Webex Suite - Basic plan, you get

  • Meetings up to 50 minutes
  • Up to 100 attendees per meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • Email integration so you can schedule meetings from your calendar
  • The ability to save recordings of your meetings to your computer

This may be a good fit for family gatherings or small businesses on a budget if you can work around the time limit.

Meet Plan

If you are interested in longer meetings, there is a of the Meet plan. The Meet Plan improves on the features of the Basic Suite by increasing your meeting time limit to 24 hours and doubling the number of attendees you can have to 200. It also adds:

  • 10 GB of cloud storage for your recorded meetings
  • The ability for other people to start your meeting if you're late or away
  • Transcriptions of your recorded meetings
  • Availability status so you can see who is free to meet

Webex Suite - Enterprise

With the Enterprise offering, you can decide the maximum number of attendees at your meetings and how much cloud storage you will need for your company. To get a 90-day free trial of the Enterprise tier, you can contact the sales team.

There are no free trials available for the Call plan or the Business Suite, but the free trial of the Enterprise suite would allow you to test all the available features.

Do I Get Charged at the End of My Webex Trial?

Fortunately, Cisco does not automatically subscribe you to their platform at the end of your free trial, but you can still cancel early if you would like. To cancel your Webex trial:

  1. Go to
  2. Expand "Management" in the navigation menu on the left
  3. Click "Account" and go to the Subscriptions tab
  4. Click the trash icon next to your trial
  5. Confirm that you want to cancel

If there is time left on your trial, you can continue to use the service until it runs out. If your trial runs out before you cancel, you get downgraded to a free Basic Suite account. If you do not want a free Webex account, you can delete it by:

  1. Logging in and going to
  2. Navigating to the My Profile tab
  3. Clicking "Delete Account" in the ellipsis menu in the top right

Your account will be deleted immediately.

Webex Pricing

If you find that you like the product enough to pay, here's what you can expect to be charged:

Meet Plan$15 per month
Call Plan$17 per month
Webex Suite - Business$25 per month

These prices are per license. You need a license to be a meeting host, but you do not need one to be a participant. For Webex Suite - Enterprise pricing, you will have to contact the Webex Sales Team through the form.

Stick to Your Budget with DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card

Are you trying to keep costs low for your team? Cisco won't surprise you with fees, but if you're using free trials to evaluate other services, you may find yourself bombarded with calendar reminders to cancel your subscriptions.

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