How to Get a VH1 Free Trial Without a Credit Card

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How to Get a VH1 Free Trial Without a Credit Card

VH1 is one of the hottest sources for reality television. Those who love the music industry and especially hip hop will find infinite gems in the VH1 title collection. Once, VH1 could only be found on broadcast television but today, it's a channel that can be a part of several streaming television platforms. If you want to watch VH1 at home, the best way would be with a - if one existed.

While VH1 doesn't have any specific free trials, you can access VH1 on a free trial basis using one of its streaming platforms. All you need to do is get a new account free trial with a streaming platform where VH1 is core or add-on content. Once you access the platform on a free trial, you can watch VH1 on that same free-trial basis. Want to make sure that free trial stays free? DoNotPay has the tools you need.

Does VH1 Offer a Free Trial?

There is not currently a dedicated VH1 free trial, but most of the platforms where VH1 can be found do offer free trials ranging from 7 to 30 days of free content access. You have the option of registering with one of seven different providers to access a few free days watching VH1 without cost. You will need to make a new account and make use of the new user free trial option for each platform to get through to the VH1 content.

7 Platforms That Offer VH1 and Have a Free Trial

  1. Sling TV - 7-Day Free Trial
  2. Hulu - 30 Day Free Trial
  3. YouTube TV - 1 Week Free Trial
  4. Philo Philo - 7-Day Free Trial
  5. fuboTV - 7-Day Free Trial
  6. Vidgo - 7-Day Free Trial
  7. DirectTV STREAM Now - 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Once you are in, you can start streaming VH1 as a channel on your streaming platform of choice.

How Can I Get a VH1 Free Trial?

To activate a , you will need to activate a free trial with your streaming platform of choice. Select one of the seven listed platforms that you would like to temporarily stream with. From there, you will need to make an all-new account and register for the free trial experience. Just be sure to cancel your trial before it rolls over into the first subscription cost.

  1. Choose a Streaming Platform
  2. Create a New Account
  3. Access Your Free Trial
  4. Select a Subscription Plan
  5. Enter Your Payment Information
  6. Watch VH1 on a Free Trial
  7. Cancel Before the Trial Completes

Does the VH1 Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes. Any free trial you choose for VH1 will automatically renew into a paid subscription. Expect to pay the full subscription amount for the plan you selected while creating the account.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Signing up for streaming TV services for a free trial should stay free - but it rarely does. It is all too easy to forget to cancel your account - or cancel just a few hours too late. DoNotPay has the perfect solution to keep free trials free without relying on calendar reminders. A virtual credit card allows you to enter a dummy payment number when you sign up for the trial. The generated number will be accepted as valid temporarily but has no account to draw on when you are finally charged for the subscription service.

In this way, any free trial will end gracefully with you in full control of whether you'd like to renew for a paid subscription or not. With free virtual credit cards from DoNotPay, you can finally be free to explore any free trial that sounds like it might be fun - without the risk of after-charges.

How Much Does MTV Cost After the Free Trial?

How much could it cost if you don't protect yourself from post-trial charges? TV streaming services range from very reasonable to impressively expensive. Don't get caught in a trap. Here are the potential process for VH1 provider plans after the free trial expires.

Streaming ServicesCost
Sling TVBlue - $35/mo

Orange & Blue - $50/mo

Hulu Live$6.99/mo


YouTube TV$64.99/mo
DirectTV STREAM Now$69.99

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