How to Start UFC 4 Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Start UFC 4 Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

is a well-known EA Vancouver-developed, and EA Sports published mixed martial arts video game. The game was released on August 14, 2010, for Xbox One and PlayStation, and as the sequel to EA Sports UFC 3 was released in 2018.

Does UFC 4 Have a Free Trial

Yes, it does. has a 10-hour free trial for all new players upon signing up to play the game. The 10-hour timer is ticking any time you load the game, whether you are playing the game, navigating through menus, or if there are any ongoing activities.

Therefore, when not using it, ensure you exit and close the application to help you maximize your 10-hour UFC 4 free trial. Fortunately, EA does not limit any game features during the free trial phase.

How Can I Get a UFC 4 Free Trial?

Before ordering the UFC 4 game, your first step is to ensure you have an active EA account. Head over to the games section on the EA website, then click the 'Buy Now' yellow button. On the next page, you will be directed to choose between purchasing the game for PlayStation or Xbox One. Follow through the purchase process, then run the game on your device once you have acquired it.

The 10-hour free trial starts immediately after you load the game. The ten hours are available to play instantly. During the 10 hours, any progress you make in different game modes will carry over if you purchase the full copy. EA asks for your credit card information to process the free trial.

Does the UFC 4 Free Trial Automatically Renew into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, it does. Almost every service provider offering free trials tends to initiate automatic account upgrading to make money from their products and services.

If you want to enjoy the game without paying for recurrent charges, you need to cancel the free trial at least an hour before the 10-hour UFC 4 free trial. Fair to cancel the trial means getting charged.

  1. Fortunately, you can plead your case for a refund in case you forgot to cancel your free trial before the automatic subscription. However, getting a refund in this manner tends to be draining.
  2. DoNotPay can help gamers get refunds if they don't want to switch to a paid subscription.

Reach out to DNP to quickly help you cancel your UFC free trial and get refunded for the unintended renewal.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

The majority of individuals tend to forget to cancel the free trials and end up being charged for services or products they don't need. DNP's generate a random number that you will use when signing up for the UFC 4 free trial.

Immediately after your 10-day UFC 4 free trial, EA won't charge your credit card. This is because DoNotPay virtual credit cards typically have no money on the account. Since your free trial cannot be renewed, the service provider will unsubscribe you from the service.

with DoNotPay to get a free virtual credit card to help you avoid getting charged for the free trial.

How Much Does UFC 4 Cost after Trial?

Game-orientating users typically require gamers to invest in games worth their time and resources. The UFC 4 game is divided into either the standard edition or the deluxe edition. Pricing also differs between PlayStation and Xbox One.

While you can get real and costly copies of the game via the EA website, it is also not uncommon to find other third-party vendors. According to the PlayStation official store, UFC 4 is around $59.99. Expect price variation subject to various conditions.

What are the Most Popular Alternatives to UFC 4?

Gaming is a widespread entertainment arena for most people. There are several types of games simulating things as they happen in real life. Others are simply based on fiction. Regardless, UFC 4 is one of the most appealing games since it is based on real-life fighting games.

  • If you don't like UFC 4, there are alternative games you can choose to buy and play.
  • Whether playing prequels or an entirely different type of game, some of the common alternatives to UFC 4 include:
Fight Night ChampionEA Sports UFCMadden FL 21UFC Undisputed 2010Fight Night Round 4
EA Sports UFC 2EA Sports Live NB 16EA Sports NBA Live 14EA Sports MMAReal Boxing 2 Rocky.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help?

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Besides helping you access a UFC 4 free trial, here is how DoNotPay can also help:

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