How to Get a Toon Boom Harmony Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get a Toon Boom Harmony Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

When you want to create beautiful or interesting animation, it may be beneficial for you to have the right tools. Toon Boom promises to provide you with it. However, you may not know if it is right for you unless you take advantage of the .

Toon Boom is ideal for all skill levels of animation creators. It can be used in schools, for freelancing artists, and professionals. If you want to know that it will meet your expectations without sacrificing your privacy to sign up for a free trial, DoNotPay has you covered.

Does ToonBoom Harmony Have a Free Trial?

is available for a 21-day free trial offer. You do not need a credit card, but you will need to register if you wish to download the program.

How to Take Advantage of a Toon Boom Harmony Free Trial

When you visit Toon Boom free trial to get the free trial offer, registration and downloading will be the first thing you need to do.

Registration requires your:

  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Full Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Industry

With or without credit card information, you still have to provide a lot of very personal information to get access to the trial.

Will ToonBoom Harmony Automatically Switch to a Paid Subscription Service?

Since Toon Boom does not require a credit card to purchase, there isn't an easy way for it to automatically charge you. The monthly charges begin once you get past the free trial. Once upgraded, you will not be able to pick the days that payment comes out. This may pose a problem for some people.

If you prefer to have more control over your finances than subscriptions allow, DoNotPay can help you with a virtual credit card number.

DoNotPay Helps You Avoid Automatic Subscriptions With a Virtual Credit Card

One of the great things about DoNotPay and the free virtual credit card product is convenience. With this card, you are always in control.

A virtual credit card is a randomly generated card that you can use rather than providing companies with your personal bank account or credit card information. Since it is randomly generated, the card will only be active for a few moments at a time. The way it works is very simple.

To take advantage of our virtual credit card, you only need to:

  1. Log into DoNotPay

Whether you are a new or a returning customer, DoNotPay will make it simple for you to get a virtual credit card.

  1. Provide Your Payment Information to Us

DoNotPay is the world's only online AI Consumer Champion. Therefore, you can feel confident that your financial information is safe in our hands. We can promise a 100% secure transaction and that we will never do anything with your information without your permission.

If you are using our free virtual credit card to make payments for a subscription service, adding money to the card will ensure a smooth transaction. This is less important if you are signing up for a free trial, though using a virtual card for that is ideal. It prevents you from having surprise payments come out of your bank account.

  1. Enjoy Your Service or Subscription

Whether using free trials or subscribing to a service that you want to control payments on, you can relax knowing that DoNotPay's virtual credit card has you covered. You will never have to deal with forgetting that payments will come out again. You will also not have to ever provide your card information to a company that you do not trust.

This can be very helpful when you are dealing with the more expensive programs like ToonBoom.

How Much Does ToonBoom Harmony Cost After the Trial Period?

When you start subscribing to Toon Boom Harmony, you will have the option to choose one of three animation software packages. Each will have a different price and different features for you to try.

These three choices are:

PackagesDescriptionMonthly Price
Harmony Essentials
  • Target Usage for 2D Games, Cut-Out, and Basic Paperless
  • Vector Drawing Tools
  • 2K and HD Camera Resolutions
Harmony Advanced
  • Everything in the Basic Package
  • Added 4K Camera Resolution, Scan and Paint for TV Films and Series
  • Advanced Tools for Paperless Animations
  • Access to the Harmony Server
Harmony Premium
  • All the Features of the First Two Packages Plus:
  • Effects Compositing
  • Bitmap Drawing Tools
  • 8K+ Camera Resolution

Best Alternatives for Toon Boom Harmony

Although Toon Boom Harmony is a great program, it may not always be right for everyone. Therefore, there are many alternatives available to anyone who wants to get creative. Some of the most popular choices include:

  1. Moho Pro

  • Moho Debut: $59.99
  • Moho Pro: $399.99

Free Trial Period for Moho Pro: 30 days

  • 2D Rigging Systems
  • Optimized Drawing Tools
  • Smart and Vitruvian Bones Movement
  • Easy Photoshop Importing
  • Animates and Automates
  • 3D Space and Camera Views
  • Lip Sync
  1. Synfig Studio

Free to Use/Donations Appreciated

  • Spatial and Temporal Resolution Independence
  • Pentablet-Friendly Tools
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Path-Based Gradients
  • Layering Options
  1. OpenToonz

Free to Use

  • Traditional or Production Workflows
  • Set Scenes
  • Scan Cleanup
  • Drawing and Editing Animations
  • Many Other Features to Try

What Else Can DoNotPay Do to Help You?

When you need help, DoNotPay is available to help with virtually anything you may be dealing with. Our services extend well beyond helping you get a using our 100% free virtual credit card.

Some of our most popular services are:

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