How to Request a Tinder Refund

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How to Request a Tinder Refund in Under Two Minutes

Tinder is an online dating app that single people use to find a partner. The app matches people who have liked each other's profiles, and it is used by millions of people across the globe who are searching for a perfect match.

Despite being a popular social network, Tinder’s limited refund policies leave many customers dissatisfied since they find it very hard to get their money back. This is where DoNotPay jumps in. Using our services, you can request a Tinder refund and not worry about any unclear refund rules.

How To Request a Tinder Refund With DoNotPay

According to, Tinder currently has 4 subscription tiers that range from $7.99 to $499 per month. However, there are many users who have purchased Tinder services but regret doing so and want their money back. We are at your service. With DoNotPay, you can apply for a Tinder refund without a drop of sweat. All you need is a PC or an iPhone. To request a refund:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your
  2. Click on File a Chargeback
  3. Provide your full name
  4. Put in your bank information
  5. Let DoNotPay send an email for you

In case you need more info, DoNotPay can do the following:

  1. Send a chargeback request to the bank
  2. Send you the demand/dispute letter with all applicable VISA and Mastercard codes with which you can request a refund from the company
  3. DNP can send the same letter for you — if you so choose in the app

What Is the Tinder Refund Policy?

All purchases made with the app are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds for partially used services. Tinder also states that there are some exceptions when it comes to asking for a refund for a Tinder subscription. The request for a refund needs to be made within 14 days of the transaction date.

Many users are dissatisfied with Tinder’s refund policy since it does not apply the same to everyone. One user on Reddit, in particular, stated that he bought the Tinder subscription and could not retrieve his money after he regretted purchasing the service.

Can I Request a Refund On My Own?

Depending on how you made the transaction, you can apply for a refund on your own. There are three ways you can request a refund manually:

  • On your iPhone
  • On your Android device
  • Online

How to Request a Tinder Refund on an iPhone

If you bought the Tinder subscription on the Apple store or your order number starts with MK, to request a refund, you need to:

  1. Open Tinder App on your iPhone
  2. Select the person icon in the upper right corner
  3. Log in
  4. Click Purchase History
  5. Select your Tinder subscription
  6. Click on Report a Problem
  7. Provide a reason for requesting a refund
  8. Submit the problem report

This is a complicated process, and you need to request a refund within 48 hours after the purchase—otherwise, you may not be eligible for the refund. DoNotPay offers you a more practical solution to this problem.

How to Apply for a Tinder Refund on Android

A purchase made by an Android phone can be refunded if you:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on Order History
  4. Select Tinder subscription
  5. Click on Report a Problem
  6. Select the refund option
  7. Provide an explanation for requesting a refund
  8. Submit the report

How to Request a Tinder Refund Online

If you made a transaction on Tinder website, you can file for a refund by:

  1. Going to Tinder in your web browser
  2. Clicking on Troubleshooting
  3. Selecting Requesting a Refund
  4. Choosing the option to request a refund online
  5. Selecting Help With Billing or Payment in the drop-down menu
  6. Selecting I Want to Request a Refund
  7. Choosing Web as your platform in the drop-down menu
  8. Putting in your email address
  9. Providing the order number
  10. Writing down additional reasons for a refund
  11. Clicking Submit

As you can see, going with DoNotPay can make your refund request much easier. In less than two minutes, we can take care of this problem for you. Check out DoNotPay if you need additional information about canceling the Tinder subscription.

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Can I Request a Refund Via




In Person


iOS App/Apple Store

Android App/ Google Play Store


How Long Does a Tinder Refund Take?

The Tinder refund policy does not provide specific answers about when you’re going to get your money back. In order for Tinder to grant your refund, you need to apply for it 48 hours after you made a purchase on the Apple store or within 14 days if you bought the subscription online. Tinder does not tell you the exact date you will receive your money back. This is why many people are unsatisfied with this strict policy from Tinder.

If you requested a refund and have not received your money back yet, we can help you send demand letters to Tinder in a small claims court. Download our iPhone app for free and let us create your case and compose a script that you can use in court.

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