Get a Stata Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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Get a Stata Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

—Software for Statistics and Data Science—is an all-purpose statistical software package. People use it for:

  • Data manipulation
  • Statistics
  • Visualization
  • Automated reporting

Developed by StataCorp, Stata is applied by researchers in various fields such as epidemiology, biomedicine, as well as science, and it conveniently centers purchases into one annual payment.

Does Stata Have Free Trial?

No, Stata does not have a . However, in a bid to gain users' trust and faith in the product, Stata allows users an evaluation of their software to see if it is the right fit for them.

Generally, the temporary evaluation of the full Stata version lasts 30 days, and 7 days for students.

The temporary evaluation license allows you to enjoy all the Stata features beforehand, including:

  • Stata in Korean
  • The Lasso tool
  • Meta-analysis
  • Linear programming
  • Mac interface
  • Among others

How Can I Get a Stata Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no for users. The temporary evaluation license comes close to a free trial but differs widely from a free trial.

To get the temporary evaluation license;

  1. Head over to Stata's website.
  2. Fill in the form provided to start evaluating Stata products.
  3. The details required include your name, university/organization, business field, company, email address, location, postal code, and phone number.
  4. Once you confirm the reCAPTCHA and submit the form, Stata will send an electronic message on the page acknowledging receipt of the form.

Stata then requests a business day to send the short-term license and details necessary to download the full version software. While third-party vendors claim to offer such evaluation at better deals, this is ultimately the safest way to access Stata for Mac free trial and Stata free trial download Windows software.

Stata provides several payment options when signing up for their product. One of the common ones is the credit card options, which most users are skeptical of.

Does the Stata Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No, it doesn't. Since Stata does not have a free trial, there is no automatic subscription you would typically anticipate after a trial period. Regardless, once you start paying for the product, expect an automatic renewal of your subscription at the end of the annual period.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the automatic annual renewal, you may need to cancel your subscription before the end of the 365 days. DoNotPay can help you cancel your subscription before the scheduled date for automatic renewal.

In addition, such situations where your subscription is renewed automatically typically warrant a refund. Unfortunately, getting a Stata refund is a hectic deal, especially if you lack the experience.

DoNotPay can help you claim that refund in case you didn't want the automatic subscription renewal for reasons such as forgetting to cancel on time.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Generally, most people forget to cancel free trials and end up paying for a service or product they don't want. Consequently, they are automatically charged for the same, meaning investment loss.

Fortunately, with the help of DoNotPay's free virtual credit card, you can avoid automatic renewals and cancel before any unwanted charges. DNP's credit card helps you enjoy premium services during a free trial without getting charged.

DoNotPay generates a random number and credit card details that you will use to sign up for any service's free trial. The service provider cannot charge you when the free trial expires since DNP's virtual credit cards do not have any money.

That way, you will get unsubscribed automatically. Sign up with DoNotPay to help you access Stata free trial.

How Much Does Stata Cost After a Free Trial?

Stata has different pricing plans depending on your needs, whether a student or an organization. Here is a table highlighting individual pricing for each model:

New Purchase


Single UserStata (standard edition) - $765

Stata/MP 2-core- $895

Stata/MP 4-core- $995

Multiple Users (2-5 users)Stata (standard edition)- $1,455- $3,210

Stata/MP 2-core- $1,710- $3,755

Stata/MP 4-core- $1,890- $4,170

Site UserFill a form to inquire.

Stata (standard edition)


Single UserStata (standard edition) - $765

Stata/MP 2-core- $895

Stata/MP 4-core- $995

Multiple Users (2-5 users)Stata (standard edition)- $1,455- $3,210

Stata/MP 2-core- $1,710- $3,755

Stata/MP 4-core- $1,890- $4,170

Site UserFill a form to inquire.


Single UserStata/BE - $125

Stata/SE - $195

Stata/MP 2-core -$295

Stata/MP 4-core -$425

Volume Single User (2-5)Stata/BE - $560 - $1,235

Stata/SE - $810 - $1,785

Stata/MP 2-core -$1,075 - $2,380

Stata/MP - $1,320 - $2,910

NetworkStata/BE - $560 - $1,235

Stata/SE - $810 - $1,785

Stata/MP 2-core -$1,075 - $2,380

Stata/MP - $1,320 - $2,910

Student Lab (10-25 users)Stata/BE - $895 - $2,170

Stata/SE - $1,495 - $3,370

Stata/MP 2-core -$1,965 - $4,440

Site UserFill a form to inquire


(Student Single User)

6-MonthStata/ BE - $48

State/ SE - $125

AnnualStata/BE - $94

Stata/SE - $179

Stata/MP 2-core -$275

Stata/MP 4-core - $375

PerpetualStata/BE - $225

Stata/SE - $425

Stata/MP 2-core -$595

Stata/MP 4-core - $795

What Are the Popular Stata Alternatives?

  1. IBM SPSS Statistics
  2. RStudio
  3. G2 Deals
  4. Eviews

How Else Can DoNotPay Help?

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