How to Avoid Getting Charged after a SOLIDWORKS Free Student Trial Period Ends

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How to Avoid Getting Charged after a SOLIDWORKS Free Student Trial Period Ends

that allows you to use the most recent versions of several SOLIDWORKS products. A free trial is a wonderful opportunity to try out SOLIDWORKS' features and capabilities without committing to an installation or membership. On the other hand, free trials might be pricey in the long term.

Businesses utilize the free trial as a marketing approach to get you in the door by allowing you to check out a service before paying for it. But unfortunately, service providers take advantage of the fact that you will most probably forget to cancel your free trial subscription, which will end up getting your credit card debited.

You do not need to worry, however, since DoNotPay offers you the opportunity to register for free trials without getting your credit card debited at the end of a free trial. Using DoNotPay's free virtual credit cards ensures you get access to plan without having to worry about your account getting deducted.

Don’t forget to only sign up for a free trial, and avoid the paid membership by:

  1. Checking on the date when your free trial is set to expire
  2. Making sure you only use a virtual credit card from DoNotPay

How to Access Free SOLIDWORKS Trial on your Own

Whether you're seeking to experience SOLIDWORKS for the first time or have used it before and want to try it again, SOLIDWORKS offers a variety of test drive choices. With the SOLIDWORKS free trial, you can get the newest versions of several SOLIDWORKS products. According to your preferences, SOLIDWORKS provides a free 7-day, 15-day, or 30-day trial.

To enjoy the SOLIDWORKS trial version, go to the SOLIDWORKS website and click the CREATE ID button to set up a free SOLIDWORKS account — then follow the instructions to establish a new online account in your browser.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Thanks to the introduction of virtual credit cards, you no longer have to be concerned about the security of your information or the occurrence of unanticipated bills on your credit card statements. By removing the potential of being charged, DoNotPay's virtual Credit Card ensures the trial is truly free.

Risks of Enrolling for Free Trials

Many services, as you've undoubtedly seen, come with a "trial version offer." While some free trial deals are worthwhile, many of them (particularly those given over the Web for specific services) are pitfalls you should avoid.

The deals are frequently not free. Minor expenditures, such as activation fees, may be necessary for the trial version. Because the trial plans are commonly riddled with qualifications, limits, and prohibitions, you may end up in a difficult position.

The following are the primary reasons why you should beware of free trial offers:

  • Breach of your personal information. At the very least, you must provide your email address to register for free trial offers. While exposing your email address may appear harmless, it might expose you to additional problems. For starters, your mailbox will be flooded with unsolicited mail. Additionally, if the business sells its client data to other companies, the number of spam messages you get will skyrocket.
  • Difficulty in Cancelling your Subscriptions. It's sometimes more challenging to terminate a free trial than join one. Even if you registered with a service online, you may need to cancel by phone. These calls might take a long time. Remember that the corporations do not want you to back out of the deal. They have no incentive to make the cancellation procedure simple or convenient for you.
  • Forgetting to cancel your free trial. You have to discontinue the service before the free trial expires most of the time. Services offering free trials have no reason to remind you. After all, corporations profit when you forget to cancel, and you may not realize unless your credit card account shows an odd amount. If you don't examine your bank card statement regularly, the bill you will incur at the end of the month will be significantly higher. So, if you do ever agree to register for a free trial, make a note of the termination deadline and set up a reminder.

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Cost After the Trial?

SOLIDWORKS Basic License$3,995 per yearOne year of technical assistance, updates, and other benefits.
SOLIDWORKS Regular License$1,295 per yearOne year of technical assistance, updates, and other benefits.

SOLIDWORKS is a software suite that covers the complete design of the production process. If you're seeking a price on a specific software package, go to their website to see their comprehensive pricing options.

How to Protect Yourself From Being Charged After a Free Trial

Here are some of the things you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Check the contract's fine print to discover what you're committing to. Don't register if the terms aren't widely stated or are challenging to locate. Unethical businesses may bury important information in the small print or "legalese" of an advertisement request, which they may subsequently exploit if their tactics are questioned.
  2. Keep an eye out for checkboxes. Ensure you only select the stuff you truly want when registering for a service online. This will prevent you from obtaining items that you did not request.
  3. Look over your credit card statements for any fraudulent charges and dispute any unlawful charges as soon as possible.

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