All You Need To Know About The Smith Unit

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All You Need To Know About The Smith Unit

The is a maximum-security prison located in Lamesa, Texas, Dawson County. The prison houses about 2,234 male prisoners in various levels of security. It sits on 563 acres of land.

Inmates at the Smith Unit prison receive adult basic education classes, vocational skills, and there are also agricultural practices in the facility. If you have a loved one at this prison, you can visit them, send them money, call or write them a letter as long as you follow the proper rules and regulations.

Where is Smith Unit Prison Located?

The is located three miles on FM 827 East off Hwy 87 South in Dawson County. Here is all the contact information you need to get in touch with an inmate at the Smith Unit.

Physical AddressPreston E. Smith Unit

1313 CR 19

Lamesa, TX 79331-1898

Phone Number(806) 872-6741

How to Contact Inmates at the Smith Unit

You can connect with inmates at the Smith Unit through various channels. Some of the best ways to connect with the inmates include:

Visiting hours for the general population inmates at the facility are Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, While visits with inmates in the expansion cellblock are by appointment only.

The visitation periods last about two hours. Each inmate is allowed one visit per weekend by two adults. Children (below 18 years) are not counted in the visiting number.

Before visiting an inmate at the Smith Unit, you must fill out an application to get approval from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

How to Send Money and Packages to Inmates at the Smith Unit

Besides visitation and letters, you can also send money and e-messages to inmates at the Smith Unit. There are several ways you can send money to inmates at the Smith Unit.

You can use JPay to send the funds using Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards. You can also use ECOMMDIRECT, which allows you to send money to an inmate. Whether you use online or snail mail to send money, you need the inmate's ID number and name.

Alternatively, friends and family can make purchases for eligible offenders each quarter. The maximum sum you can spend is $60 for the first three quarters and $85 from October through December.

Packages and inmate letters have to be addressed properly. You can use the following inmate mailing address:

Inmate Name, TDCJ ID Number

Smith Unit

1313 County Road 19

Lamesa, TX 79331

Steps to Take Before Contacting an Inmate

Before contacting an inmate, you need to follow several steps to get clearance. Here are some of the steps you should follow when submitting a request to contact an inmate at the Smith Unit.

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Difficulties You May Experience With Contacting Inmates at the Smith Unit

Contacting a loved one in prison is a paperwork-intensive and bureaucratic process riddled with frustrations and setbacks. Some of the challenges you're likely to face include:

  • Communication and visitation are closely monitored.
  • Abrupt cancellations and postponements of visitation.
  • High letter postage rates and telephone rates.
  • Communication hours are limited.

Get in Touch With Your Loved One via DoNotPay

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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