Sign Up for an SAI Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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How to Sign Up for an SAI Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Also referred to as PaintTool SAI or Easy Paint Tool SAI, SAI is straightforward, high-quality graphic design and painting software for Windows that is lightweight, with fully digitized support.

SAI grants users access to a wide range of simple vector tools, with the latest version being faster, more convenient, and worth the premium fees.

Does SAI Have a Free Trial?

SAI software allows users 31 days of the . Within this timeline, users can test the software's functionality and whether it is an ultimately good fit. During the 31-day SAI free trial, you have access to most features and functionalities of the software.

However, at the end of the 31 days, the software disables the file save/open functions, meaning you will lose your painting from the last saving point. This is unless you purchase the software license to proceed using SAI.

How Can I Access SAI Free Trial?

To access the free trial:

  1. Head over to the developer's website and scroll down the page for the SAI download links.
  2. Once you download, SAI will begin setting up automatically.
  3. As soon as it is up and running, you can start the for the next 31 days.

SAI's payment methods include major credit cards and debit cards, meaning to sign up, you will need to submit your credit card information.

Does the SAI Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Once the 31 days are over and you want to continue using the SAI software, you will need to buy the software license. The license will be shipped as a digital certificate. Once the order is complete, you will get a download password for the software license certificate.

You can then download your software license certificate from the license download page. When downloading and installing the software license certificate to the SAI's program folder, you may need to remove the trial limitations of the SAI version you are using.

That way, you can use the new version without any trial limitations. For most service providers, you may need to cancel your subscriptions before automatic renewals. However, since PaintTool SAI is a one-time payment, there are no automatic renewals for the free trial period.

Avoid Automatic Renewals With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Regardless of the services and service providers, most people tend to forget to cancel their free trials before they are automatically renewed. Failing to cancel free trials often means paying up for products or services they no longer need.

DoNotPay can help you cancel any free trial before the service provider automatically renews it into a paid subscription. With a free virtual credit card, you can enjoy your free trial without the charge. Follow the steps below so you can start enjoying your SAI free trial:

  1. Go to SAI and click on “purchase license”.
  2. Complete the order form and confirm your contact information.
  3. Let DoNotPay generate a virtual credit card number.
  4. Use the virtual credit card number to complete the trial requirements.
  5. Let the trial cancel automatically without being charged.

Once the free trial expires, you won't be charged since these virtual credit cards don't have money on them. As a result, you will be unsubscribed from the service automatically.

How Much Does SAI Cost After the Free Trial?

SAI costs a flat-rate fee of $50.81, which is charged as a one-time payment. This fee is the cost of only one software license.

What Are Some of the Alternative to SAI?

There are a lot of different art software out there and below is a summary of the top SAI alternatives and competitors:

  • $19.99 (Mac)
  • $18.09 (Windows)
  • Free (iOS)
  • Free (Android)
  • $29.90 (ArtRage Lite)
  • $79.00 (ArtRage 5)
  • $4.99 (Android)
  • $4.99 (iOS)
  • Free and open-source
Clip Studio Paint
  • $49.99 (Pro Version)
  • $219.00 (Ex Version)
  • $9.99/month
Corel Painter
  • $429.00 (full version)
  • $199.00/year
  • $16.58/monthly
  • Free and open-source
Adobe Fresco
  • Free Windows version for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers
  • $9.99 for non subscribers
Serif DrawPlus
  • Free
Epic Pen
  • Has a free version but paid version starts at a one-time $22.60 fee

Most of these softwares are better at meeting requirements and providing support but, of course, it’s still up to your preference.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help You?

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