How to Get a Free Trial From Pitchbook Using a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get a Free Trial From Pitchbook Using a Virtual Credit Card

A competitive edge is necessary to advance businesses beyond their rivals. This can come in the form of employees that are exceptional at their jobs, programs that provide the best information, or from the merging of businesses. Pitchbook can combine all the data you need to determine the best deals, keep your business on top, and provide your employees with the most accurate and updated information possible.

DoNotPay can assist in getting a for your company to try Pitchbook before you decide to purchase or subscribe to it. With a virtual credit card, your business can try the program without the worry that you will forget to cancel and be charged after the trial ends.

Does Pitchbook Offer a Trial Period?

You can quickly and easily gain access to the capital market data and analytics tools you need to get ahead with the blanket coverage of a free trial. Follow the instructions below to initiate the request:

  1. Visit Pitchbook's free trial request page
  2. Input your information into the form
  3. Click submit
  4. A customer service representative will contact you

Pitchbook does not publish any more details about their free trial on their website. It would be safe to assume that they will require a credit card number to set up the trial.

How to Create a Pitchbook Account

Pitchbook accounts can only be created by the customer service representatives after requesting a free trial by following the steps above. Pitchbook offers several types of financial monitoring services, and each can be customized to what the business needs. These include:

  1. Private Marketing Intel
  2. Networking
  3. Deal Execution
  4. Deal Sourcing

Pitchbook does not advertise its prices, since the accounts are customized for each company. They do provide access to mobile apps, internet browser add-ons, and more with their services to assist in keeping your employees as up-to-date as possible.

Does Pitchbook Charge Immediately After the Trial Period?

Even though there is no published data that tell us any information about the free trial or the pricing afterward, it is safe to bet that they will require a credit card to set up the free trial. They will charge the full price for the monthly or yearly agreed price upon completion of the trial if the trial is not canceled prior to the agreed-on date.

DoNotPay can release you from the burden of remembering to cancel the access to the site's information, should you find it inadequate. Simply utilize the free virtual credit card that DoNotPay can provide to initiate the free trial.

DoNotPay Helps You Avoid Unexpected Charges From Free Trials

How does a virtual credit card assist with a free trial?

  • It provides the credit card number that you need to enter for a free trial without any connection to your financial information.
  • It eliminates the excessive charges from forgetting to cancel the trials.
  • Once the trial ends, if you choose to keep it, you will need to provide a valid credit card number for the charges.

There are a lot of people who decide to try out products or services under the guise of a free trial or product. However, they get busy and forget to cancel the service until they find they have paid for a month or more.

Some businesses intentionally hide their identity in their charges to prevent the customer from canceling immediately, since it takes time to identify the charge. There are two ways to avoid the charges. First, you can be meticulous about keeping track of log-ins and trial periods, or you can use DoNotPay and not worry about the charges.

What Does a Pitchbook Charge Look Like?

Pitchbook processes its own charges, so it should show up with Pitchbook in the charge. It may also include an 800 number to call customer service in case of duplicate charges and incorrect amounts. DoNotPay can help with chargebacks and refunds if their customer service is unable or unwilling to assist you.

Alternatives to Pitchbook

Should you not feel comfortable continuing to pay for the Pitchbook data after your free trial has ended, you might choose to move on to some of their competitors. Companies that provide data for businesses include:

Pitchbook AlternativeDoes It Offer a Free Trial?
Helical InsightYes

There are many more companies that can provide the essential data to keep your business as up-to-date as possible. Your business can not afford to have a subpar data collection program, yet it cannot afford to continually change while paying for a month or two to try the systems out. Let DoNotPay help you navigate through free trials until you find the best tools for your business to thrive.

DoNotPay Can Help With Much More

After you find that perfect data collection tool, your business might need some other assistance. DoNotPay can help with many situations no matter where you are! Some of the most popular topics include:

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