How to Get Your Pinnacle Studio Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Your Pinnacle Studio Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Want to transform your meager videos into the best hits on the internet? You need an outstanding video editing software suite to get it done. is ready and waiting for you to download the ultimate video editor.

But how can you try Pinnacle before you buy it? Continue reading to learn how to sign up for and get a free trial for Pinnacle Studio, risk-free, thanks to DoNotPay. Gain access quickly and easily by using a virtual credit card to sign up for your account and never worry if the software will charge you after the free trial.

How to Get a Pinnacle Free Trial Easily

Amazingly, Pinnacle has an outstanding with no credit card required at signup. The trial is designed for first-time users that need to evaluate the editing workspace and see why people around the world love the program.

Even though the Pinnacle free trial does not require a credit card, DoNotPay can easily provide one for any other free trial service you desire to test out. Do not shy away from trying other software and programs because of the risk of being charged at the end of their trial period. Let DoNotPay help you find the best there is for your unique situation.

Signing In to Your Pinnacle Account

After you complete the download, you can sign up for your free trial by creating an account on the Pinnacle website. You will be asked to provide:

  1. Email address
  2. Personal information
  3. The type of service you are registering

After creating the account inside the program, it will count down the days. Once the 30 days are complete, it will lock you out of the program. After that, you will need to begin charges to your financial account.

When Do the First Charges Start After You Sign Up for Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is one of the because they do not require you to provide a way to pay for their service to initiate the free trial. This way there is no risk involved with charges when you do not remember or expect it.

The only way that you will be charged is when you decide to keep Pinnacle. Their services come at different levels and for a single charge.

Standard Edition$59.95
Plus Edition$99.95
Ultimate Edition$129.95

The three tiers gradually increase the quality of the editing that you can accomplish. The Ultimate edition can produce DVDs with title screens at cinematic quality.

Once you have accomplished creating the most amazing cat video ever to grace the internet, maybe you'd like to try another product or service's free trial. Remember that DoNotPay can help you navigate the trials you desire without the risk of overdrawing your account.

DoNotPay Lets You Avoid Paying for Free Trials

For every business or product that offers a free trial, DoNotPay has access to free virtual credit card numbers that you may use to test it out. Interested in reading an eBook because you recently saw a television show?

Use the virtual credit card to sign up for a free trial and see how it works.

  • Virtual credit cards do not link to or contain any money, so signing up for free trials is now completely risk-free.
  • Once your free trial period has expired, you may choose to continue using the service by changing the financing source on the service's billing page. Overcharging refunds and charge backs are no problem for DoNotPay.

What Other Services Are Like Pinnacle Studio?

Creating and editing a video takes time and in some cases a lot of money. Do not waste your talent on a software program that you do not understand how to operate. There are many video editing programs out there that can help you meet your full potential as a director.

Some of these are:

  1. Shortcut
  2. Avidmux
  3. Lightworks
  4. OpenShot
  5. DaVinci Resolve

The list goes on. Even Adobe has some powerful and impressive photo and video editing software that can help your kitten become the center of attention (at least in your home!). Do not hesitate to try out the different programs using a virtual credit card and never pay for another free trial you forgot to cancel again.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do for You?

What are you going to do now that you have created a viral video, besides creating another? Maybe you want to try a game or writing assistant service? Create to your heart's content with assistance from DoNotPay's virtual credit cards.

After you are finished creating, take a look at the other ways DoNotPay can help you save time and money.

These are just some of the things that DoNotPay can help you with, and it only takes a few clicks.

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