Get Paint Shop Pro Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

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Get Paint Shop Pro Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

Paint Shop Pro is the second most popular vector graphics program for graphic designers and consumers. Customers can try Paint Shop Pro for free for 30 days before being charged for a monthly membership. Businesses utilize free trials as a client attraction element to entice you to use their services. The free trials aren't truly free because your credit card will be charged if you don't cancel your membership in time.

There are, however, ways to apply for a without ever having to bother about your account being charged. DoNotPay provides you with a step-by-step guide so your credit card will not be billed if in any case you forget to cancel after the trial period.

How to Get a Paint Shop Pro Free-Trial on Your Own

From the official website, you will get a free version of Paint Shop Pro. There will be a link to click that will immediately begin your free trial on that site. To finalize the free trial registration, you will need to provide your credit card information. l has no restrictions.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

DoNotPay’s virtual credit card ensures that the trial is truly free by eliminating the possibility of being charged. Your free trial will automatically cancel because our free virtual credit cards are not pre-loaded. Follow the steps below to get your Paint Shop Pro free trial today:

  1. Go to Paint Shop Pro and download the free trial
  2. Enter your information into the form to complete the registration
  3. Let DoNotPay generate a virtual credit card number
  4. Use the virtual credit card number to complete the trial requirements
  5. Let the trial cancel automatically without being charged

Thanks to our virtual credit cards, you no longer have to be concerned about unplanned charges on your credit cards.

How Much Does Paint Pro Shop Cost After the Trial?

Paint pro shop will charge you $7.99 per month after your 30-day free trial ends. It’s important to remember to cancel these kinds of subscriptions or take advantage of DoNotPay’s free virtual credit card.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Paint Pro Shop?

There are other alternatives to Paint Shop Pro, including:

Adobe PhotoshopA photo editing, manipulation, and enhancement software tool.
  • $41.43/month
  • $315.61/year
Adobe LightroomHas several picture editing features, including changing contrast, brightness, and shadows, among others.
  • $13.14/month
  • $157.68/year
Affinity PhotoA great application that allows users to manage and modify digital photographs.
  • $54.70 (Mac and Windows)
  • $9.79 (iPad)
PhotopeaA full-featured graphic and image editor that supports GIMP and SketchUp files.Free
PhotoScapeA free photo editing tool that allows you to snap photos and store them on your camera.Free
GIMPAn open-source image processing program that you can use for image editing, graphic modification, image conversion, and others.Free
KritaAn open-source program that lets you edit, tweak, and explore any picture, no matter how large or little it is.Free
PhotoFlareAn editing tool to enhance your photographs that works with a variety of operating systems like Windows and LinuxFree

There is a wide range of photo-editing softwares that you can choose and get free trials from, depending on your preference.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay offers a wide range of services, including:

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