How To File an Office Depot Corporate Complaint Hassle-Free

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How To File Office an Office Depot Corporate Complaint

Office Depot is one of the leading office supply stores in America that provides customers with affordable products at competitive prices. Still, that doesn't mean they don't have a fair number of complaints.

The company has been accused by many dissatisfied customers of having poor customer service and failing to deliver goods on time. These problems are especially compounded when the company is faced with massive orders.

If you are one of these dissatisfied customers who are tired of waiting for Office Depot to deliver your items or fix an issue you have with their products and services, we'll show you how to file a complaint with the company.

If you still can't get a satisfactory resolution to the issue you're experiencing, we'll also show you how to take action against Office Depot.

How To File Office Depot Complaints

Office Depot has a dedicated Help Center where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. The page also includes helpful links if you want to check your card balance, return an item, review your rewards account, check your Office Depot gift card balance, and so on.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for on the page, there are several ways to get in touch with a customer service representative.

From the Contact Us page, you can opt to start a Live Chat with a support agent. The Live Chat is available seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET. You'll have to wait for up to 5 minutes to connect to a support agent, and customers report that the representatives on live chat are generally very helpful.

Alternatively, you can dial one of the customer service phone numbers and explain your issue to a representative over the phone. The numbers you can call are:

  • Customer Service: 1-800-GO-DEPOT (1-800-463-3768)
    • For General Inquiries, Product Questions, and Order Status
    • Available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET
  • Technical Support: 1-800-269-6888
    • For Password Reset, Account Setting Preferences , nd Navigation
    • Available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
  • Tech Services Subscriptions: 1-888-315-5073
    • Available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

The average phone waiting time is around 15 minutes. If you prefer filing your complaint in writing, you can send an SMS to the company by texting "Help" to 35924.

If you'd like to file an Office Depot corporate complaint, you can call (561) 438-4800 or send your letter to the following address:

6600 N Military Trl

Boca Raton

FL 33496

Different Ways To File Office Depot Complaints
WebsiteLive Chat on the Contact Us page
  • General Customer Service: 1-800-463-3768
  • Technical Support: 1-800-269-6888
  • Tech Services Subscriptions: 1-888-315-5073
Corporate Office mailing address6600 N Military Trl

Boca Raton

FL 33496

How To File Complaints Against Office Depot

If you can't get your issue resolved after multiple attempts at contacting the company's customer service department, there are multiple agencies you can turn to for help.

If the company has wronged you or engaged in illegal or deceptive business practices, you can file a complaint with:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Filing a Complaint With the BBB

You can file a complaint with the BBB by filling out this online complaint form. The BBB will then send an email to Office Depot asking for a response within 14 days.

The company has to reply back within the given timeframe, or they'll be issued a B+ rating on the BBB's scale.

The BBB is an independent organization that helps resolve issues between customers and businesses. It's free for consumers to file complaints with the BBB, but it costs businesses about $425 annually to maintain their A+ rating (or $285 if they have an A rating).

That said, the BBB isn't an enforcement agency. If a company doesn't care about its rating on the Bureau's website, they might completely ignore your complaint and the Bureau's email.

Filing a Complaint With the FTC

The FTC is the agency that deals with unfair and deceptive business practices. Citizens can file a complaint with the FTC by filling out this online complaint form or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

The FTC will then send an investigator to conduct an investigation, talk to the company's representatives, and gather any evidence that might prove the company violated federal trade regulations.

Filing a Complaint With the CFPB

The CFPB is an agency created by the Dodd-Frank Act to protect consumers and prevent harmful practices from being perpetrated by big banks and other financial institutions.

You can file a complaint with the CFPB by filling out this online complaint form or by calling 1-855-411-CFPB (1-855-411-2272).

The CFPB will then send an investigator to conduct an investigation, talk to the company's representatives, and gather any evidence that might prove the company violated federal trade regulations.

How To Send Demand Letters To Office Depot in Small Claims Court

If you've exhausted all other options, you can take your Office Depot complaint to small claims court.

Some small claims courts allow you to submit the claim through the online form on their website. If that’s not the case with your local court, you’ll need to file the complaint in person with the court clerk’s office.

Keep in mind that small claims courts have an upper limit that varies from $2,500 to $10,000. It’s best to inquire with the court’s clerk regarding the damages you can send demand letters to for, as well as any other nuances of the process.

Apart from filing the claim with the court, you’ll also have to draft a demand letter and send it to the company, notifying Office Depot of your intent to send demand letters to. The letter must have a professional tone and include all the details of your complaint.

The information you need to include in the demand letter is as follows:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name, address, and contact information of the Office Depot store you purchased from
  • The date the problem occurred
  • A description of the incident, including what happened; how long it lasted; and any documentation you have, such as receipts or pictures (if necessary)
  • A list of damages incurred as a result of the problem
  • A demand for reasonable compensation for your troubles (if they're eligible to be compensated)
  • If applicable, a demand for costs incurred in defending yourself in court, such as attorney's fees and other court fees

The company will have 15 days to respond to your demand letter. They can either offer to pay the damages you are seeking or refuse your offer. If Office Depot doesn’t respond or you’re unsatisfied with their answer, you can proceed to take the matter to court.

If you win your case in small claims court, the judge will order Office Depot to pay your damages in accordance with the amount you have sued for. In addition, the court will order them to refrain from engaging in future illegal or unfair business practices.

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