How to Get Noom Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Noom Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Listeners to podcasts are probably familiar with the concept of a at this point. The diet company advertises heavily on those podcasts, and this has helped to build their brand tremendously. That said, not everyone realizes both what the company is, and how they can get their product on a free trial basis without risk.

DoNotPay has worked hard to help show people that there really are options for them when it comes to getting a taste of what the Noom products are all about without having to put your credit card information on the Internet. If that sounds appealing to you, then please read on.

What Is Noom?

Noom is not just another diet company swooping in to try to sell you on the idea of a better-looking and healthier you. They certainly hope that you do get healthier and that you are more pleased with your physical appearance, but that is not why they exist. Instead, they are here to pitch everyone on the idea of rethinking the entire concept of a diet.

Basically, Noom wants to make dieting something that is not so much of a chore for all of us. They want to show that while dieting is not always the easiest thing to do from a mental perspective, we can do it.

In the Noom app you will find:

  • A place where you can list how you are feeling emotionally at any given moment
  • A way to log the food that you have eaten on that day
  • An activity tracker that shows how much exercise you have gotten on that day

All of this data (and a whole lot more!) is tracked inside the app to help you better understand how your eating and exercising habits play a role in the type of day you have. Noom makes it so much easier to view all of that information in one place and see how it fits together. So, is there a way to sign up for a ?

Does Noom Offer a Free Trial?

Noom DOES have a free trial for its new users. Most apps created today come with the understanding that they will have to offer a free trial version if they want to lock in as many customers as they possibly can. Failure to offer a free trial means that an app will likely not get nearly as much attention as it otherwise would from the public.

With a free trial, an app can:

  1. Expand its user base
  2. Show off its product
  3. Help get word-of-mouth marketing going
  4. Show gratitude to those who want to check them out

After your one-week trial, you can sign up for a subscription that costs up to $59 a month. If you decide to sign up for the , make sure you only do so after you have explored the latest offering from DoNotPay.

Another reason they offer the free trial is that they don't want you to cancel Noom before you have even given it a shot. They know that trying it out will give you the confidence you need to enjoy the product before you commit one way or the other.

On the other hand, there are also alternatives to using Noom. Below is a summarized list of weight-loss app options you can choose from:

MyFitnessPalLets you track your nutritional intake and exercise levels.$9.99/month


Happy ScaleRecords your weight so you can track your personal progress and goals.$5.00
fabtrakrHelps you record what you eat and track your weight over time.Free
Nutritionix TrackAllows users to track their calorie consumption and weight loss.$5.99/month


LibraTracks your daily body changes weight over a period of time.Free

Introducing the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Never sign up for a free trial again until you have taken some time to look over the DoNotPay virtual credit card offering. This is one of the latest products from DoNotPay, and it is already making a big difference in the lives of many users.

What the virtual credit card from DoNotPay does is make things easier by ensuring that you don't have to put a credit card that you already have out on the Internet. You can just use the card that they create for you. This is huge because the free virtual credit card that they create will be able to:

  • Generate a new credit card number with each use
  • Make it impossible for a subscription service to auto-renew your membership
  • Keeps your identity safe
  • Not have subscriptions show up on your credit card statement

This credit card option has worked wonders for those who would prefer not to put so much of their personal information out online. Just follow these simple steps so you can enjoy DoNotPay’s virtual credit card yourself:

  1. Go to Noom and answer their quick survey
  2. Pick the best subscription option for you
  3. Let DoNotPay generate a free virtual credit card number
  4. Use the virtual credit card number to complete the trial requirements
  5. Let the trial cancel automatically without being charged

Additionally, they very much appreciate the fact that they can finally get free trials that are actually free. No more having to worry about canceling when the trial ends, it is all handled automatically with this card.

Does DoNotPay Help With Other Services?

Naturally, it is common for people to ask what else DoNotPay can help them with when they see the wonders that the company has done to figure out how to get people assistance with free trials. People get curious, and they want to know if there are other aspects of life that DoNotPay deals in as well. The good news is that DoNotPay is constantly working on adding even more services for people to enjoy.

Some of the following are user favorites:

If there is something that interacts with the government in some form or fashion, then you can bet on DoNotPay to be there for you to help provide the resources that you require to get the job done. It is inspiring to see all that they have accomplished for people already, and you should reach out to see if there are additional resources that they can provide to you at this time.

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