How to Get MUBI Free Trial Without Using a Credit Card

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How to Get MUBI Free Trial Without Using a Credit Card

If you enjoy movies, then you definitely want to get a to see if you can find even more great films right at your fingertips. Yes, there are a lot of streaming services out there these days, but that just means that you always have the kind of content that you want whenever you want it.

When you get a MUBI free trial, you are saying that you would like to explore even more of what the cinematic world has to offer. DoNotPay can bring that world to you.

Are Free Trials Available?

are available for you to try out MUBI for yourself whenever you like. The free trial is intended to:

  • Allow you to sample what this particular service is all about
  • Get you roped into the idea of having an account all the time
  • You get a seven-day trial period that gets you deeply involved with a show that you decide to continue watching

The company is following in the footsteps of so many that have gone before it and offering something to its customers for free. They know that this is the best way to build a loyal fanbase, and that is what they want to do when they offer this service.

If you don't get a chance to see what they are all about before you have to sign up for the complete package, then you are unlikely to do so at all. They are aware of this, and that is why they offer it.

What Is So Special About MUBI?

MUBI is a great streaming service because it provides people with the opportunity to see hand-picked movies that they will actually enjoy. The people who run the operation do everything in their power to make sure all of the movies they put on the service are top-notch, and they also promise a few other things such as:

  1. An ad-free viewing experience
  2. Enjoyable movies that capture and hold your attention
  3. The chance to explore some hidden gems that you may not have known about before

This makes MUBI a lot different from what you find with other streaming services. They cater to a big audience, and they always make sure to offer content that isn't bland like you find with some other services. In doing so, the company promotes itself as the ideal choice for those who love movies.

Does MUBI Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Mubi costs $10.99 per month. If you fail to cancel after the 7-day trial, your credit card will be charged for a whole month of the service. The company is banking on the idea that you will forget that you have signed up for their service and that you won't cancel. They genuinely hope you forget about it and simply continue to pay regardless.

If you wish to continue to a paid subscription, you can get a discount by paying upfront $95.00 for a year.

Avoid the Risk of Auto-Renewal Charges

DoNotPay can help you avoid unwanted charges resulting from auto-renewal with a virtual credit card.

The entire subscription model benefits the companies that charge for these subscriptions and no one else. You might think that you are getting a great deal, but realistically, the companies are just hoping you sign up and continue paying for their service month after month without another thought.

Try as you might think that you are not the kind of person who would fall for that trick, everyone is. If you don't take some other action to keep yourself away from auto-renewal charges, then you will end up paying monthly just like so many others. Your best option is the virtual credit card.

The virtual credit card makes it easier to:

  1. Avoid auto-renewal charges
  2. Create a new credit card number with every online transaction
  3. Never get sucked into the cycle of paying for subscriptions you have forgotten about

What Are the Alternatives to MUBI?

If you are looking for other streaming services other than MUBI, here is a selection:

Criterion$10.99 per month or $99.99 per year
HBO Max$14.99 per month
Netflix’s Standard Plan$12.99 per month
Hulu’s Ad-Free Plan$11.99 per month
Amazon Prime Video$8.99 per month
Disney+$6.99 per month
Shudder$5.99 per month

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