Start Your Acoustica Mixcraft 7.0 Free Trial without a Credit Card

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How To Get a Mixcraft 7 Free Trial Without Risk

Mixcraft 7 is professional quality audio and video editing software that lets you create slideshows, add soundtracks, record songs, etc. At this point, , but some people still seek it out because it will run on older systems and supports MacOS, which the most recent version does not. It is no longer available for purchase from Acoustica, but free trial copies can still be found on the internet. Be aware that not all of these copies are going to be legitimate.

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Does Acoustica Mixcraft 7 Offer a Free Trial?

Yes and no. As the software has been discontinued, you cannot get an official free trial through Acoustica. They do offer a two-week free trial of the most current version of Mixcraft, which at the time of writing is version 9. If you have a newer system, it is always better to get the most recent version of the software which is supported by the company.

Typically, Acoustica does offer free trials of their software, however, so if you are looking for another product, it's worth checking their site.

How Can I Get a Mixcraft 7 Free Trial?

Again, you can't get an official trial copy through Acoustica anymore. However, trial copies can be found for download on other sites. Be careful, as some of these copies may conceal malware. Shady actors often prey on people trying to find older versions of software.

You can get a free two-week trial of Mixcraft 9 by;

  1. Go to Download Acoustica9
  2. Click on the purple "Download 14-day free trial" button.

This will automatically start a download of the software. The software will auto-disable at 14 days unless you buy it. However, you can extend the trial 7 more days by signing up for an Acoustica account. No credit card is required.

Note that if you do manage to find a copy of Mixcraft 7, do not enter your credit card to get a "free trial." This is absolutely a scam as Acoustica no longer sells the software. Another good reason to use a virtual credit card for free trials is to avoid these kinds of scams/theft. There is no way for the thieves to get their hands on your real credit card number or bank account.

Does the Mixcraft 7 Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No. You have to buy a code to renew the free trial. Codes are no longer available for Mixcraft 7.

Thus, there is no risk of being charged. However, it is a common thing with other products and services. Additionally, Acoustica's products are single-use purchases, not subscriptions. This means there is no worry about having major issues trying to cancel your subscription.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Many people sign up for a free trial, enter their payment details, then forget to cancel it. Often if the service is not interesting enough to subscribe to, it becomes forgotten. Then you end up spending money on something you are not using. You may even not be sure what the recurring bill is, as credit card statements often show a different company from the public-facing brand.

ith Acoustica's products this is not as much of an issue, as they are a one-time payment. However, the cost is considerable and you may not be able to get your money back. If you are signing up for a free trial that requires a credit card to join, then using DoNotPay's virtual credit card prevents this situation. The card is a randomly generated number that is not linked to an account with money in it. It verifies as a real card until they try to charge it, at which point the charge fails and the subscription is canceled.

Check out this article for more information on how virtual credit cards work and why you should use one to sign up for all of your free trials.

How Much Does Acoustica Mixcraft 7 Cost After the Trial

Acoustica Mixcraft 7 is no longer available. The purchase cost for the most recent version, 9, is:

Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio$99
  1. Complete Recording Studio
  2. Massive Loop Library
  3. Live Performance
  4. MIDI Scoring and Editing
  5. Instrument and Effects
  6. Advanced Routing and Control
  7. Video Editing
  8. Mixing and Mastering
Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio$199All the benefits in Recording Studio and more:
  • Pianissimo Grand Piano
  • Modular Synthesis

This is a one-time purchase, not a subscription or license. The pro version includes features such as audio-to-MIDI conversion and a ton of additional sound effects.

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